Yellowstone Supervolcano 1-30-18 Magma Intrusion Blocked, Expect More Earthquakes

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  1. Carol Worth:

    THANK you, as always, Mary! ????

  2. Annie Auer:

    Thank you Mary — great video!!!

  3. Rea Lachney:

    Thank you! Keep us posted please. ❤

  4. Amy R:

    Thanks again for the updates Mary. Love the new intro! God Bless

  5. Karizma Charles:

    So glad you know how to read all this stuff, LOL, or else most of us wouldn’t ever know…GOD bless??⚘

  6. jls1946 elc:

    Really like your new opening. Would like to know where you found those photos. Really appreciate all the work you put into your presentations, if I had it I would gladly pay for the information you impart to your viewer’s. Anyway thank you.



  8. Deb Grimes:

    Do you think YS erupt?

  9. Bonnie Anderson:

    Thx you mary… love your graphics and the charts. Blessings?

  10. Yoko Jacobson:

    Thanks Mary, things are starting to really, really move.

  11. Cynthia Lynn Valerino:

    Thanks Mary. The sound of your voice is so comforting to me. God bless ?

  12. palette:

    Hi Mary! Just wanted to mention i live in Albany NY and felt shaking, possibly 2 earthquakes, one yesterday, one today, that werent recorded on USGS.

  13. Joseph Delgado:

    Hi Mary. So how does this compare to when you first started monitoring Yellowstone?

  14. Scott Wheeler:

    Thanks Mary for the update

  15. Ken Karnes:

    Thank you, Mary. It’s amazing to see the camera sway around then to see the earthquake show up on the graph.

  16. brenda Moll:

    you know its going to be an interesting month and a half with all thats been going on…then we get both st valentines and ash wednesday on the same day…Then april fools day and easter on the same day…the latter just is so…..weirdly have a good feeling about that one for a change

  17. wchiwink:

    Another excellent report Mary, Thank you and Blessings dear! …wonder if the SuperBlueBlood Moon has anything to do with the uptick?….

  18. catladylc05:

    Do you think this full moon will effect it any?

  19. Crystal Keith:

    Definately can see a big difference!

  20. justine remsbecker:

    Love your new intro Mary but you need to add buffalo.. xxxo

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