Watch out for the Minecraft Zombie!

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  1. Sophie Corcoran:

    Creeper!! 🙂

  2. Galaxy Unicorn:


  3. Caleb Mangulabnan élève:

    I love your sod Xavier love the Zombie

  4. JerryMC:

    Yes!Minecraft is The Best game in the world, not my said buy me like if you think Minecraft Is the best!

  5. JerryMC:

    My Favorite Moster is EnderMan

  6. Fluff Dawg:

    ender Dragon

  7. sarah concannon:

    this was the best video in the world

  8. Renee Steup:

    Mine is the Zombie

    • Dragomir Diana:


    • Maciek Maciej:

      Renee Steup You fak

    • Тимур Кул:


  9. Jose Llamas:

    my favorite monster is a zombie

  10. romania ball:

    Ñu are Noob and me i am Pro

  11. Yi Yang:

    Angela, can’t you just put your hair in a ponytail,braids,or bun.if you don’t want to then you can wear headband or bows.

  12. Connie Boo:

    I love this

  13. Rabab MakesGameing:

    We love you all

  14. Radin Kamali The video game kid:

    my favorite mob is the Enderdragon because he is the very best mob ever

  15. Meme Mk:

    Playing Minecraft NOT USING KEYBOARD

  16. Playerx2000 Gaming:

    Cool my sisters ? love it

  17. Maleena Witt:

    I have the same pjs

  18. ROBLOX GIRL username kate_pizzalover:

    my favorite Minecraft character is the spider

  19. Louis Swanson:


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