Warface — Trailer — Black Shark Special Operation

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  1. NerowGamingHD:

    This is absolutely amazing! I like this part the most 1:17 😛

  2. Nathan Jackson:

    Still better than Infinite Warfare…

  3. SantikAriPani:

    Oh my god it sounds great!

  4. Sh4dow Warface:

    warface is really getting better and better, nice work guys 🙂

  5. Swiss:


  6. S-Vietnam Crossfire:

    *Nice at **1:19** ;)*

  7. Anthony Chang:

    Welcome to toward raid II:raid harder

  8. Shimmering Night:

    I feel bad for Blackwood, sending 1000s upon 1000s of soldiers, helicopters, cyborgs to fight 5 guys and unable to kill at least one of em.

    • Kolyd Sid:

      I feel bad for them too, but they’re also able to kill them, but even though the blackwood killed them, Medic always has his magic defillibrator.

  9. Domz Je:

    oh my god warface

  10. Anthony Chang:

    Welcome to toward raid II:raid harder

  11. Syed Asher Ali:

    Warface can u please stop latency auto kick?

  12. Maki-sama:

    music 1:49 — 2:06 should be in game’s menu

  13. Ar- BFH:

    wow…. I came back 3 weeks ago after a long time (3 years) yet I didn’t find a hacker … this is good now I can get 49/9 k/d ? (this is my last game I played which I always play with sniper any one wanna say nice and make me happy today? ??

  14. Medin Mujković:

    it looks like tower raid night mode

  15. Takumi Fujiwara:

    wooooooo thats awesome. thanks for the bonus weekend now i can get wep from vendor for my rifleman. -With big love xFronty <3

  16. Fonzie_Fox:

    1:25 ta mina była genialna 😀

  17. Aziz noufid:

    wow , sooooooooooooo hyped , that engi moment , Mine and shoot , GG

  18. TN2023:

    i dunno whats worse,the size of the update or the fact that you «can» do the mine-slide thingy

  19. Little Wheat Gaming:

    Can we get a single player campaign

  20. Joaquin Zarate Castillo:

    Hi, can anybody help me? why i can’t play:( i have this bug: «You were kicked for suspected cheating» i don’t know how to fix it.

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