Warface: How to make fast Warface Dollars!

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  1. muhammad imran:

    600th like

  2. Shadow:

    Well, I can clearly say, that this game is not so funny as it used to be. As for the repair cost, I realy do hope that they are going to lower it. I mean, right now you can’t play with the top tier equipment, because you loose cashe (so what’s the point of having this gear at all?). And the thing that I realy don’t like: this new box payment. I supposse it was going to be added sooner or later, but why it has to be the most over powered gun in this game in that credit box? The thing I liked about Warface was that it gave the same chnces for every player (mostely), but right now, it’s a clear pay to win.

    • Shadow:

      I understand, that that was ONE of the reasons. However, My.com has other games as well. Crytek didn’t. Also, remember that they own the russian servers as well, and this game is a lot more popular in Russia. And turning a game into Pay to Win won’t help it becoming more popular. And since the repair cost is realy high, I would rather spend cash on VIP (I’m just saying, ok?) than on containers (with random drop), but if I don’t own this gun, it may be difficult to win with someone that has it. Hell, I would eaven be ok with «K» boxes, if they had weapons that are not over powered. I’m not intending to say that they are completely wrong, but realy, thay could at least leave the low repair cost.

    • Claudius:

      Shadow so? Don’t u realize that that’s the reason why crytek had to «sell» warface?? They have to do this go get money…but I do agree u don’t get any wf$ and it’s really annoying how hard u have to grind for everything….

  3. jonttu lehto:


  4. LinuxThief:

    actually, i read one post from one of the my.com administrators that they are investigating bug where repair costs are 2 or 3 times higher so i dont think that they done that intentionally.

    • LinuxThief:

      Synkmaster yes yes only words, i can tell you my friend, warface is dead like chicken in soup.

    • Synkmaster Wf:

      The game will improve exponentially from now on you’ll start noticing in the next update which is going to be this week or next week

    • LinuxThief:

      Synkmaster then i hope that crytek and my com will go bankrupt

    • Synkmaster Wf:

      Nope,they said in the forum that the repair cost was bugged and was 50% less than what it should be so they fixed it, but what they dont know is that it was crytek who lowered the repair cost 50% forever

    • Sheezie:

      You DON’T simply mess with a game’s economy and market. YOU JUST DON’T. They did it intentionally to know the reaction of the players; they probably would have not made up this excuse if we didn’t complain.

  5. Tobi:

    my.com seriously, WTF are you doing

  6. pyro king435:

    when war face was working on gface was batter

  7. Synkmaster Wf:

    U can’t even play warface and u played cs go on a lan? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Did u play versus handicaps or what?

  8. chaitanya deshpande:

    Swiss once again a great video. Keep up the amazing work!!!

  9. the raider:

    warface died..

  10. ZiD:

    step. 1 buy VIP and play. step. 2 buy kredits and convert them into wf$. shitface

  11. Timber Time:

    repair costs chave been fixed…

  12. Almantas Januškevičius:

    you can also redem codes and get armors or weps for free not need to pay, or go to my.com then login, go to myitems and transfer them warlords armors is for 7days! you will save alot of $ cuz you dont need to fix them.{sr for bad english^-^} hope its helps

  13. Pravin Kal:

    Bro this is a video on how to save warface dollars not make them.

  14. jonatan larsen:

    I like warface but I hate csgo and swiss were my favorite YouTuber but now he ain’t

  15. Stari Vujadin:

    Play ranked match, for rank up you get 1000$ and per game 200$ (if you use weapons that have to be repaired).

  16. NVP:

    Pro tip: Buy mega vip

  17. A Crusader:

    thank vodka, finnaly found a warface utuber that speaks english

  18. Забаненный Всеми:


  19. JoeyWafflez:


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