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  1. AceRay 24:

    ea roasted haha

  2. path dunk:

    9:19 Tommy wiseau looks kinda different doesn’t he

  3. George Pitt:

    Norman Fetus

  4. Massai:

    8:59 what is that game trailer ?

  5. Zakk:

    Death Stranding: Norman Reedus and the Funky Fetus

  6. FD AJ:

    10:19 Half-Life 3 Confirmed

  7. Red Beard:

    Lmao jetlag also known as cocaine 9:56

  8. RowlWool:

    It’d be funny if you played that Campo Santo game on Twitch!

  9. Anakin Skywalker:

    My screen broke when smashing the screen after hating EA so much

  10. WekelijkseGraphiX:


  11. CenTz:

    10:21 haha funny

  12. augustos king:


  13. Shahbaz Anwar:

    I’m waiting for doki dokiiii

  14. TG4:

    Game of the year: Mineirinho Adventures

  15. Brar Tv:

    jfstfyvuhifyvuftginifysckbuxsjdycucksj t hfidudufucuhufyfuvifydgutcbufffvuvfuffofufffifvfffguffifdoidycftufygy i don’t know what to say you are awesome

  16. Damian Wilson:

    wait a minute . . . is it what i think what it is? O R I G I N A L . C O N T E N T . ? nani?

  17. Jacob:

    Horizon Zero Dawn is probably my favorite of this year

  18. Oropher420:

    “Game of the year” *game not even out yet*

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