The Amazing Spider-Man Game Review — IGN Video Review

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  1. MrNoobDude:

    I can live with a 7.0

  2. Daniel Hunter:

    The reviewer Greg admitted he hates marvel. But c’mon, the graphics weren’t good?? The graphics look really awesome and I can say that this is the best graphical «SPIDERMAN» game to date.

    • johny tamale:

      Daniel Hunter the graphics were not very good the only character that looked decent was spiderman ultimate spider man is probably better or web of shadows or shattered dimensions

    • DarkKnight2037:

      i had a go at it and it felt awkward to websling for me, the camera felt to close and rigid-shaky

    • sam adam Chalhoub:

      Dude greg did spiderman 2 and usm. The only reason why this game had a low rating was because it was boring and websling sucks. Spiderman 2 and usm were more fun because u felt like spidey and it was more real. In this game it is like spiderman 1 all over agian but spiderman 1 had an excuse cause it was old but tasm ain’t so therefore dose not deserve a high rating. I like spidey but this game got me bored.

  3. PresidentusMaximus:

    This version of Spidey’s suit was probably the best and coolest looking by far.

  4. MDG:

    Best Spider-Man game to date! TASM2 game was just awful and disappointing

  5. CrimsonColossus:

    Rocksteady should make the next Spiderman game.

    • Eriberto Medrano:

      But RockSteady is owned by WB Games and Warner Bros. own all of DC licence property. While the Spider-Man video game licence is with Activision. Therefore, I doubt we’ll ever see them make any Marvel licence characters.

    • ClassicRockstarGames:

      rocksteady should make an superman game too 😀

  6. gawee08:

    Web of Shadows: «EVERYTHING IS WAY TOO REPETITIVE, THIS GAME SUCKS» Amazing Spider-Man: «Everything is repetitive, but I don’t mind. This game is awesome.»

  7. GravitySmashify:

    All you criticizing this review are idiots. All that he said was true, and the overall score wasn’t bad.

  8. MilesAuguste:

    Oh so Rocksteady wasn’t inspired by Beenox’s Spiderman games at ALL?   So the Detective Mode in the Arkham series isn’t even SIMILAR to the Spider- Sense in Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time?   The inverted takedown doesn’t resemble the web yo-yo?  You guys think Beenox is ripping off Rocksteady, but all Rocksteady and Beenox are doing are sharing ideas. Rocksteady get’s inspired by Beenox’s Shattered Dimension’s gameplay (Noir mostly) and Beenox is inspired by Rocksteady’s fighting mechanics.  And HOW could Beenox rip-off the Arkham’s series’ stealth gameplay when Beenox BEGAN that type of stealth gameplay in the first place?  Wow, i’m pretty sure i’m younger than you Greg and I could figure this out, sheesh.

  9. Saksham Gupta:

    these dislikes are because of the poor rating. this game deserved much more.

  10. Gaiden:

    This game deserved a 9. The graphics were solid, so you might wanna stop bitching about your low-end PC. Manhattan was cleverly constructed, adding stuff like petty crimes, and MY GOD IT LOOKS SOOO PRETTY AT NIGHT. The boss fights were engaging and forced you to adapt and incorperate certain techniques based on your current situation, not to mention the well-made side missions to pass the time. The combat was phenomenal, probably the best thing about the game, and cleverly forces you to look forward to upgrading your Spidey. It was also a great one to follow the Arkham formula. If only I could say the same for ASM2… The replay value was great, and the levels were quite well-constructed, depending on the approch you are supposed to be taking towards the mission. I also loved how they had placed very well hid audio peices and magazines, encouraging you to fully scan the level to obtain unlockables. The suits were great, making you dress to impress. The only regret I had was that the story was a tad too short.

  11. Keaton Farmer:

    I’ll take the OG spiderman 2 game any day

  12. jefrin jonhson:

    are you saying that spider-man shattered dimensions is better than this game? Because I watched the ign review of spider-man shattered dimensions and it got an 8.0 but this got a 7.0. You people in ign are out of your mind.

  13. Samurai- Sosa:

    tbh this is better than the sequel

  14. RJ Ramirez:

    what i hated was that there were a FINITE amount of side missions. it wasn’t infinite like in spider-man 2. once i finished them all, there was literally nothing else to do except find those comic pages, almost no more action whatsoever

  15. BendApparatus:

    WTF! You can’t just decide what villains are B listers… If so, then all Batman villains besides the Joker would be B listers as well. Penguin? Mr Freeze? That’s not even a valid «CON»

  16. Jet Star:

    The Wii version of this game was dogshit

    • Jet Star:

      ali shahzad Well free roam was the ENTIRE REASON I BOUGHT THE DAMN THING. Imagine my surprise when I bought the game at full price, expecting Spiderman Arkham City, but got Spiderman Arkham Asylum Bootleg backwash.

  17. Carleton LeGrant:

    This game is fun as hell I have Amazing Spider-Man 2 on PS4 One of the best Spider-Man games I have played Wish this one was on PS4 as well

    • Zavier Garcia:

      In the summer Playstation said that PS4 will be able to play ps1,2,3 games but digitally so you may have to buy the games all over again :/, but still its better than having to switch from system to system

  18. patormovies:

    Man, spider man 2 on the PS2/GAMECUBE/XBOX was amazing just like spidey, I didn’t know that this one was like that, now I can’t resist getting it.

  19. Henry Jackson:

    I actually enjoyed this game, but at the same time could realise that it wasn’t great. I found it better than the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game, for some reason.

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