Sylvanian Families Calico Critters Baby Room Nursery Set Unboxing Review Play — Kids Toys

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  1. Zoey Fox Artist:

    i love Calico Critters

  2. Moonlight Penguin:

    Are u from the UK or Canada

  3. Shanice Black:

    it look hello kitty

  4. Cédric Dubois:

    hello my name is Louise

  5. Missy Unicorn:

    I think the red chair is a high/low chair

  6. Soundbuds™:

    +ellieV toys Gah! There goes my productivity for the day. Why is it so intoxicating to watch you play with these cute little critters!! >_<"

  7. soft girl:

    I’m way too old to be watching these but you are so sweet and full of joy it’s to good to not watch !!! (⌒▽⌒)

  8. Chibimomoiro:

    I’m so jealous of you!! thanks for sharing! theyre awesome

  9. Linda Lawson:

    please make more legos friends videos and I have almost whacht all of them.

  10. Elizabeth Alvarez:

    Elli i am new to your chanel have you heard of the little cruise ship i might get it this christmas

  11. sweet bliss:

    thank you for not enforcing gender identity thts why i love you

  12. Geraldine Moran:

    I love the vodyo

  13. Molly world:

    it,s a hi cheer

  14. Catherine Murphy:

    Hi Ellie I was wondering I you do giveaways it’s when you make some rules to enter like you have to be subscribed to anted and then you give away something from your video!

  15. Ellie Ben Merry:

    She hurt her hand hope she’s okay

  16. Brenda Lizbeth Perez Guijosa:

    me encanto esta hermoso y muy adorable jajaja q hermoso esta ese maldito vídeo esta perro q hermoso

  17. Avery Hardbeck:

    Do you play with these toys?????

  18. Nichole Skinnider:

    I love how you have all the best stuff

  19. Just Jaide:

    what am I doing? its 5am….

  20. Riley Vincent:

    The little sister Brother #1 Brother #3

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