R-craft motion simulator with VR — Dirt Rally play

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    the seat moved more than the steering wheel they should move together..

    • SoloArtForm:

      i can see your logic and for the simulation maybe it makes sense but in a security cell in a rally car there is no such wobbeling. that is one solid cage. the chasis may twist a little of course but nothing like we can see here in this video. i am still wondering how the feeling compares to the real deal.

    • Simon Brickz:

      SoloArtForm well you can see that the bottom mount of the whole construction is moving more in the rear when the breaks loose in the game. But the whole thing looks a bit wobbly indeed. Maybe that’s because it’s Simulating a rally car, which are pretty wobbly. Rally cars have really long shock absorbers in the rear, which go through the wheel well and have 2-3 times the length of common absorbers.

    • SoloArtForm:

      so you mean it is part of the simulation ? i imagine it feeling weird in contrast to a real car where your seating positions is locked with the pedal- and steeringposition.

    • Simon Brickz:

      When the rear of the car breaks lose then the seat travels a larger way than the steering wheel, because the steering wheel is closer the center of rotation. Image a car from above doing some donuts. The seat is moving in bigger circles then the steering wheel

    • jghgiroot:

      GUNT HEAD the seat moves to try and simulate downforce

  2. Sim Racer Thailand Channel:


  3. JayBee Glassworks:

    I own the same wireless keyboard/mouse combo.

  4. lagartijaRacer:

    amazing rig system

  5. Kelsey Walton:

    Dude, this is incredible

  6. JimDaMan924:

    I’d like to see zoomed in footage of what your see through the headset as well instead of just a fixed camera. Awesome setup tho man.

    • jayrodathome:

      he probably has it set to fixed camera. Otherwise it would be so hard to race fast especially if that’s what you’re used to. I’m pretty sure that view we saw is what he saw as well. Otherwise the game would have to generate it two different ways.

  7. fl0wf1r3:

    hm, looks more like sitting on a horse-drawn carriage to me.

  8. みじめちしょー:


  9. Stefano:

    That’s a all new level of virginity

  10. ᚠᚱᛖᛞᚱᛁᚲ ᛫ ᚢᛚᚡᛖᚾ:

    that set up looks more expensive than an actual racing car

  11. Watai inc.:

    Or you can buy a car instead..

    • MrRay168:

      I mean.. you can die driving off that cliff

    • Tyynymyy:

      You can’t drive a car in your living room. Jokes aside, there are many reasons why one would prefer sim racing setup over a real car. With real racing car you must have some place where you maintenance and keep the car. You also need to have a trailer to transport the car. There might not be proper tracks nearby. You’ll also spend countless hours in a garage and if you have multiple time consuming hobbies, that might be a serious problem — especially if you have a demanding and time consuming job. With sim setup you just start the game and drive. It might not be as fun as real car, but it definitely is far more convenient.

    • Stygian Doll:

      ..said the envious fella.

  12. Zampoteh:

    But what about rotation 360°? Place it on the rotating ramp.

  13. 裕次郎松:


  14. [TN] Strikeman:

    nice try but the motion on this looks terrible. Youtuber Silentchill has one of the best motion rigs! And way cheaper.

  15. Kengine:

    Pretty serious about racing eh?

  16. Rick B:

    Wholly #)(*@&^%()#!

  17. De Chan Kaan:

    Great Simulator.. Wow !!! but… i d like DCS world combat planes more.

  18. Matt Stover:

    Very nice. Would love to have something like that.

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