Pokémon Origin Fire Red 3D REMAKE! — (UPCOMING 3D FAN GAME!)

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  1. Lewys Cousins:

    Wow this actually looks amazing!! Please Nintendo don’t take it down!!!

  2. Deceptive:

    I dont get why people announce this before it actually comes out. You only make it easier for nintendo to block all links for download.

    • Reno Black:

      Because the guy wants views and doesn’t really care.

    • Diego Nieves:

      Why cant you hope all goes north and they get jobs from nintendo instead.

    • Deceptive:

      Xirrozo youre not wrong but people should get feedback on their own creative works even if its a blatant ripoff. When you copy the assets, a) youre not developing your creative talents and b) you run the risk of all potential feedback for the other hardwork, which you actually do (animation, texturing, etc) to run short. All im saying is that there is a better way to do this where fans and creator can profit, learn, grow, and appreciate

    • Junsuina Hikari:

      You know, was just thinking, «man, how fast is it going to take Nintendo to hit them with a cease and desist?»

  3. Pablo Vianna:

    caralho, até eu fiquei impressionado com o que fizeram com o Fire Red, ainda mais vindo de um br esse remaster ‘-‘

  4. Megamanexe:

    People complain how these games gets taken down, but doesn’t take into the effect. It’s because people who play these fan games? MAKES VIDEOS of them, giving and generating awareness to these projects. So yeah…bring attention to these things, and it gets notice -_-

    • Raphaël Khoury:

      Eric Mucuso if hedidn’t make a vid about it, THEN HOW ARE PLAYERS SUPPOSED TO KNOW THIS GAME EXISTS AND PLAY IT? he could have easily made it private, and not send the game to Ruffled , but he did to let people know about it!

    • Lone Slayer of Darkness:

      i highly doubt it would happen… but i hope nintendo would let this pass and maybe try to strike a deal with the guy making this to create a new game entirely.

  5. Luciano Plays:

    I Como Of The Brasil Epic FanGame

  6. Miguel Garcia:

    This game is so cool

  7. anime manga:

    Ruffled you show every amazing pokemon game ????????????

    • 8-Bit The Fox //Furry Channel\:

      Hi there anime manga! I love watching your uploads of Pokemon Adventures! I do have the books in real life but I also enjoy watching them on your channel! Keep uploading bro! Your doing an amazing job. 😛 -Yellow

  8. Ozair Iqbal:

    This video would have been so much better if you stopped waffling and just played

  9. Eyan:

    can i get a download link ?

  10. Evan Plays:

    Wow the open world thing is lit but pretty bland for a fan game just saying it

    • hidekijapak7:

      It’s easy to say an opinion when you’re distant to the people involved. On the other hand, it’s easy to get defensive towards opinions when you are close to the ones involved in the creative process. In the end, he has the opinion that other opinions sucks and if you think everyone is entitled to one, then he has the right to have the opinion of hating other opinions. You can’t defend one and shun the other.

    • Jaden Thomas:

      Im not gonna say the game sucks like he did but whats so wrong with him stating his opinion? Everyone is entitled to one not everyone thinks the same so what if he thinks its bland, what is so wrong with that? It was HIS opinion not yours

    • Mark Agpaoa:

      @RuffledRowlit This fanmade game in my opinion has a way better concept compared to all the actual Pokemon games. Evan is saying it’s pretty bland. I wanna see him try to make a 3D Pokemon game and how shitty his would be. Don’t talk badly about something if you don’t even have the intellect to create something like this yourself.

    • Don't Look At Me:

      Evan Plays I

  11. Aye aura:

    I think this game is gonna be taken down like uranium:/

  12. mashiroboy:

    *-* que perfeito!

  13. Tanfiz Prottoy:

    Fire red was the best game till now 😀 You gotta admit that

  14. RuffledRowlit:

    Make sure to drop a like if you want to see a Part 2 gameplay of this game lads 😀

  15. LIGHTDX:

    Thanks for sharing. Ignores the first battle and go almost right away to challange a gym leader with level 20 pokemons with just his initial in level 5? wow.

  16. Tanfiz Prottoy:

    Why The houses doesn’t have doors???

  17. YOU:

    Whos here before 500 views?!

  18. Felipe Bier:

    The game is from Brazil lol thats my country

  19. trainer hero:


  20. Duarte Pereira:

    É Brasil porra xD

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