Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Part 30.- Team Magma Hideout

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комментариев 11

  1. MrWolfeBrothers:

    play a hacked rom

  2. louis edera:

    y dont u avoid the freaking enemy

  3. Adrian Arrieta:

    soul silver

  4. yihwang8:

    Awesome thanks for the help

  5. Nervtdude:

    what is your selection of pokemons if you would of picked Mudkip?

  6. Andrew Minturn:

    thank you for the help

  7. joshua shard:

    soul silver with tottidile

  8. cloudff7able:

    i love blazicken u trained it well

  9. TheLastButtholeDragon:

    The two aqua guys are still there even though I finished magma

  10. NlNJEE Edits:

    i cant find a flying type so i have to walk/ride my bike everywhere :/ so annoying although i have a magnetion lvl 45 and a blaziken lvl 50 and a tentacool lvl 40 right now and thats it :/

  11. Sean Salvador:

    my pokemons are: Aggron Seaking Gyarados Grovyle Shuppet

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