mortal kombat 9 cheat codes

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  1. Ugly The Kid:

    I think that he did awesome

  2. Elijah Valadez:

    good job

  3. Jared Tomochak:

    Wow he’s a kid some people have nothing better to do than insult a kid

  4. BradDaSavage !:

    that’s my son you’re speaking of. go somewhere else then. what’s wrong with you?

  5. Kuba Is awsome:

    Stop insoting

  6. Kiki:

    It’s his son. 😡

  7. Kameron Fleming:

    I’m so happy your telling everyone Brandon ????????????????????????

  8. Jeremy Nava:

    see how they Change….. see how they Change…. See how they Change…….

  9. Aqarii Johnson:

    stop talking mess about this kid. he did a perfect job. I bet yall people talking trash can’t even do a better job than him.yall wouldn’t like it when he was grown or what not and start talking trash. don’t do it to him

  10. Saul Orozco:

    all he is doing is changing there costume

  11. gyy ramirezlopez:

    It sucks

  12. ./Xstream playz./:

    This is so stupid and clickbaitey

  13. Leonardo Segovia:

    Booooo!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  14. Daniel Martins:

    Que ????

  15. Synz Evolved:

    Lol those weren’t cheats they we’re costumes

  16. Señor Haruka:

    johnny cage’s Alternate Costume number 2 i already know that cause i unlock that already

  17. Joshua Wilson:

    How are these cheats?

  18. Chris Vlogs channel:

    This are not cheats

  19. Madiyr Saulebekov:

    Школота ебаная

  20. please sub:

    T-t-today junior

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