★ ModDB Spotlight- Company of Heroes: Modern Combat

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  1. Agent Washington:

    We need a Halo version of Company of Heores. 

    • Grim Looters:

      A Halo RTS in the style of Company of Heroes is a match made in heaven, man. I mean, first off, there’d be a precedent for why the soldiers are bullet sponges in the CoH style — advanced armour and energy shields. Secondly, the cinematic, cover-based combat would gel really well with the FPS design of a lot of the units. As fun as Halo Wars is, it sometimes just doesn’t feel like an authentic depiction of canonically-accurate combat in the Halo Universe, with all the space healing lasers and such. I think a CoH-style Halo game would be amazing. Too bad it is a long shot among long shots — our only hope is modding, really.

    • besorgter Burger:

      Why? Halo Wars was boring enough.

    • ColaKnugen:

      Halo wars wars halo 1

    • Agent Washington:

      halo wars 2

    • GamerMike413:

      halo wars

  2. AAMC08:

    these kind of mod maintain COH alive….

  3. Guillermo Chineppe:

    as desert camouflage used? please

  4. Jared Warner:

    why the hell do the Chinese get their MBT but the US don’t get the abrams

  5. tomas1000 Rimbasexss:

    russia, EU, and ukraine, new faction and new map?

  6. Cooper Martin:

    Where the no more room in hell gameplay

  7. Naiuhz:

    Wargame: Red Dragon is a modern RTS set between 1975 to 1991 .

  8. Marcello Antonio Ledda:

    I’m little upset about the voices of the units…they can use voices from Command and Conquer Generals,World in Conflict for example…


      +PanzerFaustFurious No, it is still a lot of legal issues, copyright patterns protect patterns, includes voice assets, model assets and so many things, without permission, not even given for free would make this safe from draconian US Law……

    • PanzerFaustFurious:

      +RoyalDog214 actually. if you dont sell the mod but give it away for free, it is «fair use» and legal.

    • Leo Huynh:

      +PanzerFaustFurious  Umm have you heard about Bohemia Interactive warning modders for taking their content into modders resources and force them to remove it?

    • JohnTheGreat7822:

      +RoyalDog214 People do it all the time in modding.

    • Melissa:

      Doesn’t mean it’s right or legal to do so. Some websites even enforced these rules before you could upload your content.

  9. jc fajardo:

    this is  company of hereos 1?

  10. jeremiah johnson:

    But why only one mission????

  11. besorgter Burger:

    Yes, its a great Mod! But its dead / paused. No update in the past years.

  12. YzN HmD:

    Borig mod????

  13. Polsak Klasische LPs:

    i need help company of heroes modern combat wont start what muss i do ???

  14. UFCMania155:

    Do the chinese speak German? LMAO

  15. 1967ModZeb:

    I’ve tried 6 times to install this but have failed miserably.

  16. MdioxD:

    how can i change the infantry’s camo pattern ???

  17. Atriocca:


  18. IndianaGerman22:

    Didn’t even mention Hardcore mode aka Realism mode. Where all guys can sprint and you don’t get suppressed in the open you just die. It really makes you think. 

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