Minecraft: ZOMBIE TITAN CHALLENGE GAMES — Lucky Block Mod — Modded Mini-Game

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  1. Nova/RaRe/SoLo Nation:

    Roses Are Red My Name Is Dave This Poem Makes No Sense Microwave

  2. the diamond minecart:

    *An Apple A Day keeps the titan away*

  3. DiamondGirl 4 ever:

    Anyone watching in 2017??? ????? Ok…. Edit 1: Even to this day im still watching thank you for the likes Edit 2: I’m watching this 2 days before valentines day. #4everAlone … EDIT 3: *OF COURSE 2018*

  4. Lps Cupcake:

    Fact: Pat and Jen Is The greatest Youtuber ever. Like if You Agree. 😀

  5. Anh Tran:

    If you love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ POPULARMMOS like now!!!!!

  6. Minecraft Dylan:


  7. gamingwith ScheridanPenrod:

    Wait… you fought a titan zombie that means you killed jens aunt and cousin

  8. Anna Šįmons:

    Did no one notice that the zombie was pole dancing and then when Pat noticed he changed the subject fast and spun around?? we gotta love him

  9. jaz agca:

    Roses r red This is cool Pat has pro skills And u do too

  10. KANAN Lets go:


  11. Arthur Bennett:

    17 11 i couldnt stop lauhging

  12. Marites Caldito:

    AN apple a day keeps the doctor away

  13. Melody Xie:

    i subscribed ????????????????

  14. Mylan Trinh:

    {_/} (^.^) >? yummm

  15. It’se lova:


  16. Lara Case:

    Roses are red That part is true Violets are PURPLE not freakin blue

  17. Chrish Rish:

    Don’t read this if you are a kid Santa is not real

  18. Maila Green:

    Wait…did one of the signs by Ted say «Only 1 Armor Set Allowed»?

  19. Jakub Woźniacki:

    I don’t know why but i love these challenges :3

  20. Life of a genius:

    imagine what an ender dragon titan would be like. it would be bigger than wither zilla

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