Minecraft: Zombie Infestation! — Lone Survivors (Hardcore) — Part 12

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  1. Megalouis100V4:

    Already Watched It Yesterday but Liked 😀

  2. CamsArcade:

    Your an inspirational video maker Tom! 🙂

  3. Hoody:

    Look at nadeshots teaser

  4. Shadow:

    Does anyone feel that Optic does not care about anything tom says because they never reply when he says something or maybe its just me.

  5. DrewWizz:

    was that a mob spawner at 4:41  on the right ??

  6. MadMan:

    a spawner at 4:40 and the whole of the rest of the episode he was like. WE HAVENT EVEN FOUND A SPAWNER YET. LIKE OMG. BUT FIRST LET ME TAKE A SELFIE

  7. Fraz Games:

    a spawner is at the time of 4:41 mins the are 2 blocks of cobble stone in the wall 

  8. TekkenH3AT:

    I think syndicates pov is the best out of the 4

  9. LBP 101:

    When do you think someone will tell them that it’s actually episode 12 instead of 11?

  10. AJHalford:

    4:40 a spawner at the cobble?

  11. Turbo Charged:

    Thumbs up if you guys think they should add sharks in the next mc update. It would make lonely island soooooooo much more intense

  12. SirJoshyyy - Road to 200 subscribers! :):

    I love watching these, makes me motivated to make my videos:)! Thanks Tom!

  13. DK Gaming:

    part 12 not 11 

  14. TheSquidLord:

    the only thing about watching people play minecraft that makes me mad is when people say you need 26 or 27 diamonds for a full suit of armor. you only need 24.

  15. Hello Hello:

    Thumbs up if you love hunting optic more than lone survivors!!!! But i still love this series!:) <3

  16. Bleachalert:

    Guys,is this ultra rare.I saw a baby zombie riding a chicken in survival.

  17. KentuckysGaming:

    y do u eat a golden apple if you have half of your lives left + armor???

  18. Spencer Lahaie:

    Tom freaks out when he loses half a heart.

  19. IRCluster:

    23:45 the island looks like a animal or something that bleeds 😀

  20. xPiimp1337x:

    dat shoe house doe

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