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  1. PopularMMOs:

    This Superhero Mod is amazing!! I hope you guys enjoy the super long showcase on this one!

  2. Da Reel Wae:

    When you shrink long enough you will be part of atoms

  3. Lauren Girl:

    I Can Climb a Hill I Can Climb a mountain I like my comment Because no one will

  4. mr. meme:

    Do it again and put on the Deadpool and get a voice changer then talk to her and fight to the death????

  5. mariana pokraeva:

    Pat, I love the superheros mod!

  6. Magic Skeleton:

    Please like this so pat can see…. I think you should do a series where you open lucky blocks and trade in stuff for tutridium so you can buy super heros then FIGHT TO THE DEATH!

  7. jo shepherd:

    I love the flash

  8. Anne Rikley:

    the disrespect for savatar

  9. Jurassic Jayden:

    Do suisid squad

  10. Gregory Feng:

    I feel like pat and Jen are the only YouTube channel that isn’t corrupted by Pokemon go

  11. xXNyanFoxyBoy GamerXx:

    3:35 Oh Yea!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. Moises Espejo-Callahan:

    Thanks so much for the invite I can do the first few months

  13. Ventrishero:

    Pat for all the speedsters press m and everything will be in slo motion

  14. Water Dasher:


  15. bhoy david:

    If yoy want to fly its shift

  16. bhoy david:

    I mean you no yoy aorry

  17. Diamond anime wolf queen The savage:

    Did anyone see that when pat became Martian man hunter he got iron mans pants and shoes Like if you did

  18. Overdiger:

    I love the Flash Cw

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