Mark With a K & Warface ft MC Alee — Fear Of The Dark

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  1. Delete:

    2:03- Fear of the stairs ?

  2. ThemaddV:

    I can actually see a Da Tweekaz Remix — Fear of the duck. They would for sure replace second anticlimax scratch sounds with a duck ._.

  3. GTypo:

    een van de meest verrassendste collabs in mijn ogen.

  4. Maurice Scheijen:

    where are the credits to iron maiden?

  5. Elnur Nabivi:

    vote for hardstyle, vote for tek, vote for all hard things in this fcking world

  6. Eriserdi Mollaymeri:

    Can someone suggest any song similar to this? Preferably harder and stronger than this.

    • Meade77:

      Listen to the original.

    • Eriserdi Mollaymeri:

      Κώστας Σκαρλέτης just like me. I needed something more powerful when I started to listen hardstyle bcs all other djs except DV&LM are turning their music too soft. if i had time I would listen hardstyle sets all day long

    • Kostas Skarletis:

      Eriserdi Mollaymeri well after the defqon 1 power hour set I was kinda hooked with hardstyle and all other types of music seem kinda weak to me now (except dvlm since I love them) and I listen to hardstyle and all its genres 24/7

    • Eriserdi Mollaymeri:

      Κώστας Σκαρλέτης yeah ? they are my favorite but I listen to all kinds of electronic music. hardstyle for me is really good and special because it stays almost the same with the time and I love it. i dont know the genre a lot but it has energy…

    • Kostas Skarletis:

      hahahah i have been noticing your comments in many of the unreleased tracks and i was always with you since i am a fan of them too and i was kinda surprised to see you here too

  7. armoo dolfijn:

    ik vind bij de meeste tracks van markwithak dat er een antiqlimax in zit

  8. Luuk Vervoort:

    Activator & Francesco Zeta — Fear and dark…

  9. René Albrechtsen:

    Way to ruin one of my favorite Iron Maiden songs…

    • Eric yeah:

      sry but a little bit to narrow-mindet, im also a Maiden Fan, which get every Album but Maiden is still Power Metal, hard, strong, fast, this song didn’t change much about the Content, it’s just Change music style… if you want to hate something as metal Fan their is still Pop which didn’t get any Content… getting things faster and harder is a Option which isnt Bad for metal Fans normally…

    • Jens Christiaens:

      Bram, hou je bakkes toe gij kutkind. Dat is gwn die zijn mening

    • Bram Boomen:

      Huile kk aap

  10. Joost van Grimbergen:

    Vette track buiten het feit om dat het één grote ripoff is

  11. Those Three Gamers:

    Mate, bit gutsy doing a Maiden song… But it’s enjoyable.

  12. MusicMakesYouBraver:

    Activator and Francesco Zeta’s version is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000x better.

  13. kybjosh moshidato:

    een godverdomme schande. hoe kan je zoiets epics nemen als fear of the dark van iron maiden. dat basicly schreeuwt «make me awesome, make me awesome» tijdens het luisteren voor een cover en dan maken jullie er deze troep van?? aanklacht wegens het verkrachten van een nummer.

  14. Florian de Wilde:

    da tweekaz waar blijven jullie?

  15. Drynesss:

    Speed 1.25 <3

  16. Bence Petrezsely:

    Her voice is beautiful but the drop is horrible 🙁

  17. Alpha Blashyrkh:

    I listen to Hardstyle, I love Hardstyle, I celebrate Hardstyle…. but this is heresy. Up the irons!

  18. William Boer:

    Iron Maiden is way better! Rock beats pop/hardstyle/hardcore and rap

  19. joost00719:

    Die drop had ik niet aan zien komen, awesome!

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