Make Torrent Download Faster

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  1. Alex RJ:

    want to see more than 10 Mbps check these two account facebook/alexrjx    or  facebook/alexrjtoo

  2. 997warrior:


  3. gilbert vash:

    hahaha … its so funny ! 😀

  4. Pwnhammer3000:

    torrent question? /watch?v=4OUuXRLeR7c

  5. Dave Scotese:

    I use Tor too, and I try to be a Tor node, but I don’t know how to verify whether or not the port is open. The online Tor help I’ve found says that Vidalia will indicate some errors after a few minutes, but as I understand it, it can indicate those errors even if the port is open. I would very much enjoy seeing more tutorials on how to make sure I’m being a good sharing TOR/rent User.

  6. Dave Scotese:

    Is it possible to determine whether or not your «port that isn’t port 80» is blocked? I don’t think mine is blocked, but what is the evidence that shows it isn’t blocked? I’d think it would be peers that are downloading torrents that I’ve seeded — I have two and one shows a paltry upload speed (0.1 Kb/s!) every now and then. Does that suggest that the port is blocked?

  7. Strelok RO:

    War time motherfucker!

  8. iamzaidan:

    Thumbs up if your watching this in the year 2026

  9. geberamk123:

    Lolol I agree…

  10. mohammad naseri:


  11. RiorXD:

    1 mb per second is fast lol that sounds inmpsible fast. for not having your stuff already set.

  12. RiorXD:

    I really think you should be slapped for pure stupidity.

  13. Jetro Taguba:

    ggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmm sssssssssssstttttttttttyyyyyyyyllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeee

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