Let’s Play Sonic Heroes — Team Dark — Part 1

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  1. CrazyGamerGirl 97:

    at start of video: «Wait… i remember this….» looks at seaside hill: «So my first sonic game was sonic heroes?!!!» srsly i couldn’t remember lol

  2. Charlie Moule:

    What is your favorite team? Mine is team dark.

  3. CrispyChedda:

    Seriously? Age restricted content for a game I played as a kid?

  4. Acura TL GTLM:

    Team Sonic leader: Sonic Team Dark leader: Rouge Team Rose leader: Amy Team Chaotix leader: Vector


    shadows like vegeta basically

  6. JustJalen 7:

    Is it bad that I adore Rouge’s voice in this game?

  7. Chloe Allison:

    Does her boobs have t be that big!? This is a kid’s game for goodness sake

  8. vanessa fox:

    9:55- uhh borrowed sonic’s fake emerald maybe?

  9. Rapheal Okami:

    They have a Chaos Emerald because that’s Shadow’s damn fourth Chaos Emerald; he wouldn’t lose that for the world

  10. Elkhronical Maelstrom:

    You talk too damn much. Couldn’t finish the video.

  11. DJ L00dBoi:

    >Finally got Sonic’s voice right Uggh no Roger Craig Smith butchers Sonic; he sounds like a middle aged man. Eggman’s the only one who gets consistently good voice acting anyway.

  12. Alexander Jones:

    Actually.. on the Sonic Archie comics basically during Sonic Adventure 2.. they made Shadow survive after fighting the original Shadow the Prototype Ultimate Life form or Biolizard with Sonic.. Shadow was rescued by aliens before hit the planet.. they nursed him and they were attacked by other aliens and Shadow helped fight off the enemy aliens but he fell down and crash landed on earth.. he survived but Eggman captured him and put him in a capsule leading on to Sonic Heroes basically

  13. Kitty AnimePro:

    No cobanermani rouge has the same voice actor but her voice actor got a little older since adventure 2 

  14. riley brown:

    Why doesn’t rouge just tell shadow about what happened before the fall because she was the there

  15. Javon Armstrong:

    who is watching this in 2016

  16. Zandra Keech:

    shadows chaos emerald is the fake emerald from sonic adventure 2 ????

  17. Christopher Morris:

    Rouge wanted to look or be like a Slut, because she ALWAYS wanted to get Knuckles Attention XDDDDDDD

  18. endergamer123 endergamer:

    Did shadow just dab he did the first time I seen a sonic character dab like if you seen shadow just dab ????????????????????????????????

  19. Dax:

    when you go through the rainbow rings shadow does the dab on 7:31

  20. Jonah Pruitt:

    i like omega to

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