LEGO Ninjago (MOD) — LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

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  1. story kru:

    how to install mod

  2. MoFire:

    I AM SOOO SHOCKER ! Thanks for making this video !

  3. Tagrshbasat:

    hi I’m stuck in the game i have 138 gold bricks only the story only ( 5 ) missions 1- sand central station 2- Times Square off 3- exploratory laboratory 4- rock up at the lock up 5- rebooted , resuited i got almost everything stan lee all the money somethings I can’t take it cuz need magnato the side missions only ( 4 ) 1- a shock withdrawal i got everything without stan lee i need magnate it’s locked 2- feeling fisky i got everything 3- tabloid tidy up i got everything 4 — nuff said i got everything without stan lee i need magnate it’s locked there is character ( x-men cyclops ) in the map near of the beach in the high way — I can’t take it and there is no missions on map it’s empty nothing nothing on the map ? ????

  4. Trae John Ferguson:

    Yo this MOD is cool thougg

  5. Matthew Galo calix:

    How did you do that wow

  6. Trae John Ferguson:


  7. Danilo King:

    how is for ps 3?

  8. Infinity Charge:

    Cole=power man jay=silver samurai kai=pyro Lloyd=deadpool nya=drax the destroyer Zane=I am not sure

  9. اغاني عربية:

    H h h how you do this

  10. daniel:

    are There Any mod que CAN Control Over Two Characters? sorry my english

  11. SimbaGamerIA:

    how to put in the code for the Ninjago characters

  12. Andrey xz:

    how to install mod !?

  13. luisa murolo:

    Non c’è su Plei store

  14. NIEznanY:

    game lego ninjago mavel

  15. SlumpySloth 66:

    Its suppost to be LEGO Marvel Superheroes not LEGO Ninjago

  16. darrion davis:

    that do cool

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