LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough PART 7 [PS3] Lets Play Gameplay TRUE-HD QUALITY

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комментарий 31

  1. Tinashe Masvaya:

    You. Are. The. Laziest. Gamer

  2. David Verdu:

    Este. Idio. Es. Mui. Emocionante

  3. Keisama:

    Rajman, if u have flying characters, why cant u just use them and u can go to ur mission faster? Its making me bored.

  4. kangakanga:

    hmmmm why don’t you just use the human torch and fly?

  5. Panji Hariyo Narendra:

    i the end

  6. CarsenWager Productions:

    im only watching all of these which will take days probably a month

  7. puttinee dusadeeumporngoon:

    Stop stopping

  8. Shelvon Freeman-Ross:

    Am I the only one that noticed that dead pool is literally in every walk through but no one acknowledged that he’s even there and on top of that if he’s there in almost every level or cutscenes why can’t we play him and why is he always around goofing off or just to be there

  9. City Girl:

    What about the silver shiny piece that’s on the floor that’s next to the entrance that they cane in from?

  10. Kitty Brown:

    When was YouTube made

  11. FranJac TGB:

    You made my expecttoins high because I have that game and I play whith my brother

  12. FranJac TGB:

    You need to build

  13. William Norton:

    Haven’t got the game yet and I’m already weary of having to use save points.

  14. cheenew chris:

    you good

  15. farhan m. farhan:

    ayem the iskisi angri

  16. Sharice Hunt:

    cool your on it


    Spiderman et thor

  18. Karen Mackin:

    Wwe The usos

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