LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough PART 11 [PS3] Lets Play Gameplay TRUE-HD QUALITY

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  1. KingTroll234 Troll:

    You guys can’t spell wtf

  2. Nic Waterfill:

    i got it too

  3. Katetanic:

    …..Did Thor just call Jean Grey mortal?

  4. Sammy Slay:

    Was it just me or were everybody elses seaker messed up????

  5. LIL TAKI:

    You have to throw those hamer

  6. Paul 6492:

    Theres one thing I don’t like about this game, the fact that venom is also a hulk but cant webswing

  7. Katetanic:

    4:21 — 4:24 What the hell did he turn into?!

  8. ShoeEaterThe2nd:

    great soundtrack!

  9. Aloy Sius:

    cari model baju dan rok

  10. Snake Gamer:

    Thanks for the help

  11. Britt Davis:

    30:04 when the d is to big

  12. mike wade:

    It’s funny because neither of them r mutants

  13. 3lite5auce:

    SPIDEY FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Diamentowa MSP:

    gdzie masz 6 odcinek?

  15. RPG KING:

    you need THOR

  16. RPG KING:

    you are noob you dk how to play you noob hahahhaha lol

  17. RPG KING:

    wait why i tell you and you noob bye noob

  18. Shadowbolt:

    No he is not he da man

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