LEGO Marvel Super Heroes — Classic Hulk Mod

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  1. Marlo Gomany:

    Could you do TASM2 electro and rhino for rhino you just reskin rhino so no guns or any thing

  2. HockeyGamer JKM:

    Hulk smash like button!

  3. Karthik Murugan:

    I wish you can buy gold bricks so if you are really rich in the game with studs you can buy bunches of gold bricks

  4. SunbeamsSting:

    HULK  MAD HULK Smash! lol

  5. George Aigner:

    This is your best mod their are no promblems

  6. cam adams:

    what game is this?

  7. Social Media Hotdog:

    Make mod about carnages transformimg into mutant Carnage! Sorry bad english

  8. nahte724:

    Whst kind of issues?

  9. Arman Moslehi:

    AWESOME!!!! THIS WAS ONE OF MY LEAST FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT THE GAME!!!! The fact that Hulk didn’t have purple pants, not the fact that he can… That seems confusing.

  10. Ethan Thacker:

    you’re atom

  11. Msjudybaby Baby:

    I love you

  12. Eric Olofsson:

    It is on the xbox

  13. Everything Marvel:

    I’m watching this after playing Lego marvels avengers

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