LEGO Marvel Super Heroes — Captain America Civil War Spider-Man (MOD)

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  1. LegoBlockhead98 Person:

    I don’t understand the need for this Mod. Do not get me wrong, it’s an interesting Mod, but this character can easily be made in the game already.

  2. Nickalas Sigler:

    That theme song is so cringy ????

  3. Yuvi Games:

    Well done..just checked this today..true fan

  4. UnluckyToonLink:

    «Hey, everyone.»

  5. Waytootall 4ya:

    Love the mod but the music is cringeworthy

  6. jason Grady PHStiger'61:

    I am so happy that spider man is now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his first movie that is Captain America Civil War and his own solo movie Spider-Man homecoming and Avengers Infinity War.

  7. Brad Sayadsarvari:

    I hope the official Lego minifigure of it is as good as this!

  8. José:

    man, if you could do this for lego marvel avengers

  9. Gaming Bird:

    dat song is cool

  10. MEGO games:

    Why didn’t you provide a link to my channel?

  11. Deadproo Crack:

    as a deadpool de la película

  12. cody george:

    wish they would put this In lego marvel avengers they missed out by not putting him in :'(

  13. Thelolemoji:

    his character icon is cool(:

  14. Enjoy The Ride:

    What is song.

  15. Wendel Lima:

    o link ta bugado cara

  16. And Justice For All:

    The background music gave my pet rock autism.

  17. Jack Jaws' random videos:

    That’s perfect!

  18. Eric Jimenez:

    so accurate

  19. Man of YouTube:

    Cool mod man all I can say is cool mod

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