LEGO Marvel Super Heroes — Bruce Wayne Mod

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  1. GameUnboxingReviews:

    Did anyone spot the next character in this video?

  2. TransformersBlackOps:

    this does not look like a mod it looks like a custom character I can make, Unless the clothes and hair have been modded

    • GameUnboxingReviews:

      +TransformersBlackOps No worries we all make mistakes and just look at some YouTube tutorials on how to do it 🙂

    • TransformersBlackOps:

      +GameUnboxingReviews Sorry Newb at modding well good to know if only I knew how to create these mods

    • GameUnboxingReviews:

      It’s pretty much impossible to make Bruce Wayne in the game already but this mod replaces the arms of Captain Britain, back and torso of the Movie Mandarin and the legs of Classic Malekith which allows me to create him using both the character creator and my mod. I have had many people say my mods are fake but they are most certainly not as the people who download them will agree with me one hundred percent 🙂

  3. Prime Press:

    Really cool mod, dude. You should try your hand at Dark Claw! He was a crossover character done by Marvel and DC that mixed together aspects of Batman and Wolverine.

  4. Jaqueline Andrade:

    como vais nu lego marvel super heroes u batman

  5. Anjum Farooqui:

    Shouldn’t someone be flying the helicopter for Bruce Wayne

  6. Jaqueline Andrade:

    na na na na batman

  7. Danny Sanchez:

    na na na na batman

  8. Sawsan Mahla:

    GameUnboxingReviews how to get the mod

  9. George Jackson:

    how do you get the mod?

  10. Oscar Becerra:

    No it was tim drake

  11. the best player boy:


  12. pixel player:

    its drake aka robin

  13. Robloxer_Animations ROBLOX:



    Bruce Wayne is DC not Marvel.



  16. Melchor Herrera:

    This is in game can easily be done.

  17. William Edwards:

    You can’t fool me this is character customization machine in the game it self.

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