LEGO Destroyer (Skins , MOD) for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Customs Characters

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  1. Marius LP:

    cool mod ????

  2. Marius LP:

    no glitch ?

  3. Wolfclaw99:

    how can you mod this into lego marvelsuperheros?! its so good…?

  4. Mario Lemke:

    Please Do toutorial

  5. The beast:

    how did you create this destroyer???

  6. Incognito Kangaroo:

    This is how Destroyer should have been

  7. GAME TIME :D:


  8. sweet pato:

    Like for Orange Savitar

  9. مؤي المنتشري د:


  10. Zak Isgro:

    I need to build this with my legos lol

  11. milord:

    howww ????????????????????????????

  12. Mikołaj Tergosinsinski:

    co to jest

  13. Davigames 2006:

    THAT S FANTASTIC, i have the mini figure ????

  14. Leggs Thompson:

    I wish I have this mod 🙁

  15. antonio vasselli:

    canzoni di Rocky

  16. Patricia Vega Alarcon:

    m cgu

  17. bielawsm:

    How, please talk me, i have marvel super heros :O

  18. Adrian Samson:

    how do I get the mod?

  19. Bobby Smith:

    I’m sorry if I’m offending any nerd out there (I am one myself) but who the freak is this?

    • Zach Attack:

      I’m assuming you mean the Destroyer. The Destroyer is an indestructible suit of armor made by Odin to guard and protect Asgard. The Destroyer can’t be physical worn, but one must place their conscience into the armor to control it. Loki has controlled it several times in order to thwart his half-brother Thor. Boom.

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