King Tiger Defends Berlin 1945 — Wikinger Realism Mod — Company of Heroes 2

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  1. _Sparkie_:

    *AMMUNITION LOAD BURNT DOWN* Every War Thunder game ever

    • Dimitrios Daratzikis:

      any one else thinks that the nuke tank from the Germans is the best unit I just have 2-3 of them, panzer, the german katuska and arti

  2. Microsoftman404:

    Sherm, I’m upset. My PC died and I can’t work on the WWI mod until I get it fixed 🙁

  3. Aarotron:

    Damn and then when you played berlin it isnt with spearhead with volksturm :

  4. Artur Roaru:

    Someone gonna say spearhead is better. ITS NOT. Wikinger Mod is WIP dont judge the 2 mods. I have over 200hrs on spearhead and 50 on wikinger. The mod is wip so yeah dont say *Oh spearhead is better* they are different mods

  5. Artur Roaru:

    PS. Sherman is playing as Okw Vs USA cause the mod is wip Okw and us factions are complete. While wehr , ussr and brits arent completed

  6. Battl TraX:

    Whats the name of the map?

  7. Alejandro Martínez:

    Hey,I sugested you to play the mod(even the wikinger creadors say me thanks). But,wath do think about the mod?

  8. Daniel Perez:

    Excellent video thanks for share

  9. VinnySOB:

    It is nice to see you putting up a Wikinger Mod video. Even as a WIP this mod is probably the best mod available for COH2, as even the unfinished doctrines are completely playable and function like spearhead or vanilla with a linear progression. Wikinger is a great combination of Blitzkrieg mod and Europe at War mod, from COH 1. Please do more Wikinger vids. It is nice to watch someone else’s Wikinger vids.

  10. Affenrodeo:

    it´s speak «Raich»

  11. Deki Disk:

    Will this mod work on a COH 2 Master Collection ( the one with the additional DLCs , Americans British and another German army) ???

  12. Oğuzhan Savaş KURDOĞLU:

    I just love how they finish whole german company trees while allies are still waiting to be completed.Damn german biased mod.

    • Wikinger: European Theater of War:

      really? We’ve done US and OKW at the same time. Next is British, then Wehrmacht then Soviets. Balanced development is key.

    • Wikinger: European Theater of War:

      Oğuzhan Savaş KURDOĞLU I said balanced development. One axis, one allies, next axis, next allies. 🙂

  13. Lord Castellan:

    Play kriegspeil mod

  14. Guy:

    Not sure if the Americans would have attacked from the other side of the Reichstag, hypothetically. I thought the Russians encircled Berlin and attacked from all directions, with the main attack on the Reichstag actually coming from the west.

    • Artur Roaru:

      Sherm did okw vs usa cause russian faction is WIP

    • Normacly:

      Yep, the Soviets reached Berlin before the Allies and to avoid potential friendly fire, the Allies decided to let the Soviets capture Berlin while they deal with any remaining German forces outside of Berlin. In fact, the Allies presence in Germany made the fight for Germany end much faster, since the Germans were willing to surrender to the Allies while they would likely fought the Soviet to the last men. The Allies failed to reach Berlin before the Soviets mainly due to logistical problems and infrastructural issues. In the Battle for France, the Allies repeatedly outrun their supplies and the Germans pretty much blew up most of the Atlantic sea ports and bridges across the Rhine.

    • Nova Pzubrikov:

      I think it would have been harder for the Americans to take the out the Germans since most of there armour was light and medium

  15. Emerson:

    Tried the mod but focus tree doesn t work so shiiiit:(

    • Emerson:

      Oh Thanks Realized it right after commenting thanks for the help though:)

    • Wikinger: European Theater of War:

      You’re welcome, anything you need you can hit us up on YouTube or on any of the links on steam etc. We’re all about making sure everyone has the best experience playing Wikinger 🙂

    • Wikinger: European Theater of War:

      Emerson you aren’t using the win condition pack in that case, it’s on the side under required files. Message me if you need any more help 🙂

  16. Chandler Cormier:

    You should do more Wikinger vids

  17. Theframeinator:

    Hey Sherman! Thanks for playing this mod! It’s really cool, and it needs more attention than it was getting, it’s nice to see you change up the mods every once in a while! Love your content!

  18. Wikinger: European Theater of War:

    Thanks for the video Shermanator! Looks like the map default weapons spawn with vanilla values, we’ll run an update asap to replace all vanilla entities with our modded ones!

  19. Boris of the Cheeki Breeki:

    Thanks for showing this mod, Sherm. I’m going to start playing with it right now.

  20. Fog713:

    lol nice «german» XD good round, same for the mod!

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