King Of Avalon Hack — Gold Cheats 2017

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  1. Cisive:

    if you look closely hes on a fake version of koa, the real koa goes from 999k to 1M. his stops at 1000k also if you stop the video at a point to where you can see the chat in the bottom part of his phone you can also tell those are hackers on a fake version of koa

  2. environment:

    very use full video its really works I loved it

  3. TaylorRawrsAtYou:

    Definitely doesn’t work.

  4. Ron Byjoo:

    The Hack did not work for me

  5. daddyg88 0:

    just to point something out to EVERYONE gold in the game dosnt register in k so dont believe this video

  6. duntrustanyone:

    It works for me

  7. Shelia Burden:

    love this

  8. Shelia Burden:

    still trying can not get the variavacation to load even after downloading 4 different APS

  9. Aquatic Tux:

    So I wasted my hour on break for this and all you did was get paid for the video and bought the resources maybe if you didn’t cut the video we would know it’s fake you gay hobo

  10. siraj uddin:


  11. Sergio Eduardo Coronado Gonzalez:


  12. Jeremy Butcher:

    Seems great

  13. Tehseen Ullah:

    100% fake

  14. Nichole Richard:

    This does not work

  15. Chris Fire:

    Wow its really work

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