[HOWTO]Merge Torrent Game files with Steam

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  1. hassel huespe:

    I can vouch that this works, I’ve tried it with a torrent of Lara Croft and the Guardian Of Light. It’s a 2.5GB installation, and upon inspecting the files it started at 500mb. Kane & Lynch 2, being a 7GB installation, started at 6.7GB, It mostly depends on the files not being modified (for cracks, or mods) to work. Sometimes you merge almost all the files, and it’ll just download the patches that were released after the files from your torrent. It’s a matter of luck.

  2. Brunn0121:

    Man i’m gonna have to give you a dislike, not because of your accent i really don’t care at all, it is your way of teaching us the information, you really over complicated some stuff real hard a more simple tutorial would be: 1 — Install the game normally on steam 2 — As soon as it starts to download, cancel the download and UNINSTALL THE GAME from STEAM 3 — Go to your steamapps/common folder, the game folder will be there even though you’ve uninstalled it, that’s normal to every steam game, you’ll probably see a game that you already uninstalled from steam there as well. 4 — Copy and paste the contents from your pirated game (make sure you delete the cracked .exe and any steam.dll from it 5 — Install the game from steam again normally, it will take some time, but eventually it will say that there’s only some minutes left rather than hours… 5 — You good to go.

  3. Zyrø:

    Dude , I Purchase The Csgo , But I cn’t dload it cause it abt 17hrs to dload , but i have the pirate one , how can i backup using that pirate one . pls help me dude

  4. Toni Smith:

    How do you do this for games you haven’t purchased, but downloaded as a torrent?

  5. xX_SiLΞNT_SOUL_Xx:

    What recording software?

  6. ImpaKtZero:

    thanks a lot man, helped me save around 7 hours of download when I bought my copy of gta 5

  7. Yamada Senpai:

    i got watch dogs 2 the gold edition preloaded, i extracted all the files, but i only got deptocache and appmanifest. Is that ok, like will it work?

  8. GTXGaming Central:

    bro .. how will i know which files are for deluxe and gold ..from torrent ? suppose i buy a deluxe edition from steam and in torrent i get files saying full unlocked version can i use it for deluxe edition?? help me

  9. Dayum Gaming:

    Lel you sound super confused and the cool weather just makes it worse, doesn’t it? XD Thanks for the video, it actually worked.

  10. surya s:

    thank you so much bro… u makes me to save 59 gb download… installed gta 5 successfully with this method thanks lot 🙂 works perfect 🙂

  11. WolvzUnion:

    i couldnt understand a word he said

  12. Swag Lordzzz:

    Pls Do It In English I Dont Speak Mexican

  13. Kunt:

    i cant understand indian

  14. Hey Que pasa:

    hello guys girrsserto gurrsutu marggestun marrgo gurrnityu gurrtanete, that’s what i understand from this indian guy

  15. Iam Sk:

    did exactly same for the same game, discovered file for 5 minutes then started downloading total 40gb again . no use then

  16. owi khan:

    Great work man you deserve 10/10 i installed resident evil 7 wow yippy thanks

  17. DJOB1971:

    i download a free download of lego star wars tfa and i cant do anything with the dlc because it says steam needs to be logged in and even when i put the entire game folder in my common folder it still doesnt recognize it as a steam game anyone have any advice? im willing to buy some cheap dlc but im not willing to pay full price for a goddamn lego game! or if i buy the game on a steam sale if i could merge my progress?

  18. Melancholy Chill:

    speak up sunny

  19. Frederik Tolstrup:

    «Dis is Imbodand» ahahahah 1:06

  20. Vikas Vt:

    Iam not getting any option to install in steam how to get that install option i’m having a battlefield hardline

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