How to use cheats in Company of Heroes *TUTORIAL*

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  1. Richy Plays:

    I will be uploading a newer version of this tutorial soon. Stay tuned

  2. William Rockland:

    thanks man, working well 🙂

  3. Simple Gameplay:

    Nice video Thx man ????

  4. justice freedome:

    it does work thumbs up

  5. Windex:

    pretty sure its fake, i dotn dare to download

    • Richy Plays:

      No problem man, if you wanna completly remove the trainer after you don’t wanna use it anymore, delete the rar file and check your antivirus to see if there are any tools left. If there are, they will all be safely removed without any trouble. I’ve been using these myself for quite a while. Glad i could help out a bit 🙂

    • Windex:

      +Richy Plays Ow, thanks, managed to cheat.

    • Richy Plays:

      if you don’t trust the link, i’ll give you the instructions to go to the link without pressing it in the description, if that makes you more comfortable. Look for MrAntiFun on google, first link, press that. It opens the site, then press ‘Forums’. go down the forums to ‘Trainers’ then press ‘List of all trainers’ and scroll down ’til you find the company of heroes one that fits your game (normal or new steam version). Click on it and it opens the forum where MrAntiFun created a trainer for the game. Look in the ‘Attached files’ and download the latest version or the one you have and open it and just press the buttons while you’re ingame to activate the cheats. Your Antivirus software will detect it as a virus, but it isn’t a virus. The ‘virus’ is called ‘CheattoolCETTrainer’ and is basically something that cheats a certain game. So it’s completly safe. If you still have trouble, let me know 🙂

  6. Edknoxplays:


    • Richy Plays:

      No problem man, if you need any help or maybe something else for a different game, let me know. I might make a new video on it then 🙂

  7. Stef de bremme:

    wow thx man you saved my life

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