How to Play Xbox One Games on PC

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  1. XDogs HunterX:

    its all a lie

  2. Pootis Spencer:

    Thanks man Now I can play gta v on my satellite reciever

  3. ScorpianPlayz:

    Is it possible to run PC games on a PC?

  4. Brendan O'Rourk:

    This is not true it is outdated Don’t get excited I’m surprised is not taken this video down it’s a flat out lie now

  5. The Best Free Gameplays:

    Will it work on my oven?

  6. _ Drummie942 _:

    It worked, but, after playing Overwatch with the Xbox One disc in the pc, I ejected the disc and it turned into a PS4 game. Help

  7. The Plague Doctor:

    Guys, if you know even the smallest amount of computer technology. You’d know that this is nearly impossible. The only way to do it would be to get it to recognize the disk (many ways to do this) it will still be unplayable, just needs to be recognized. Then reformat it, the disk will now be completely deleted???? you can use it as a CD, won’t work in Xbox one anymore????

    • Ulta Games:

      It is designed specifically for that hardware, not just written in the same code. It would still be impossible never the less. The xbox one uses a very scaled down windows 10 kernel because it is weak and needs all that power to run games.

    • saeed waleed:

      yes it is he doesn’t try to hide it  all the videos in this channel are jokes

    • BadKarma 714:

      Mike Shaver-Miller so this video is a lie

    • Mike Shaver-Miller:

      The Plague Doctor Xbox One uses Windows Kernel and a DirectX Graphics API to run it’s games. Plainly, since Xbox One is just an X86 Windows PC, it has to use the same methods to execute code as any x86 compatible PC (you know, ALL OF THEM). This is how devs build the game. They don’t do the majority of their work on the Xbox Dev Kit; they do it on PCs, in game engine development environments. This makes perfect sense, honestly. The only challenging bit here is having a Blu-Ray RW drive in the FIRST PLACE (many pre-built systems don’t feature BR-RW drives; buying one yourself in for a computer you build yourself is fairly expensive as well, and many cases available today don’t even feature the space or slots required to mount one, although you can account for this when you’re sourcing parts). TL:DR; Xbox One is pretty much just a Windows 10 PC. As long as you can access the DLLs for the game, the file system is the same. Therefore, Windows 10 PCs can, in fact, run Xbox One games.

    • CineonElectronics:

      I see some people still don’t understand that this is a Prank Channel. Sad.

  8. Kalo Versace:

    Deleting «system32» works for me!

  9. Snake Vlogs:

    Instructions unclear, I ended up eating my PC

  10. Dank Gamer:

    Does it work for my microwave

  11. RALPHY88:

    5 words, Xbox One Streaming for Windows 10

  12. AndroidHacks:

    OMG. i tried with Xbox one GTA V, and now i can play on my calculator…. Its amazing

  13. Z GAMERS HD:

    Can I change my microwave into ps 5

  14. The Alan Reviews:

    +Thiojoe Does this actually work or is this one of the joke videos you made?

  15. Nathan Hull:

    i did this but after i did my halo 5 disk turned into a bratworst help

  16. Bookers:

    finally I can play minecraft xbox one edition on pc

  17. The King:

    Is that work to for XBOX 360?

  18. Galactic RockStar:

    Is this real

  19. Armand Marx:

    can you do it with xbox 360 to

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