How to enable and use cheats in PPSSPP

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  1. Androdiver Anaam:

    sorry for inconvenience guys, i just uploaded a new link for cheat.db ____________________________ Don’t ask about cheat is working on this game or that game, give it a try first then ask whatever. And don’t forget to read whole discription first by whole i mean all.

  2. Pokemon Master:

    Its not working

  3. last chance:

    I push in Import from cheat.db and nothing

  4. Super saiyan blue Vegita:

    is there cheat for dragon ball z shin budokai

  5. RichGaming23 MCPE:

    i cant see cheat .dp

  6. jason adinata:

    but im is playing harvest moon ?

  7. TylerWB Gaming:

    Cheat.db won’t work please give me another link and answer me

  8. jeoTDM iglesia:

    nice job you teach well

  9. Lone Wolf:

    is that cheat worked for god eater and fate extra? I wanna know ASAP

  10. S V:

    Not working with pop revelations

  11. shailesh barthwal:

    it is work

  12. Technical Punjab productions:

    i know but we can use cheats without any problem just we want to enable cheats in system option and we can use cheats in any game

  13. chima nwokeocha:

    or maybe the game I was playing doesn’t have cheats ?

  14. Railanie Cadar:

    Wow Thanks i Upgrade all my weapon in God of War: ghost of sparta

  15. parth patel:

    grand theft auto liberty city stories cheats are not getting activated?

  16. Mahmudul Hossain Aditto Aditto:

    doesnt work on dragon ball z shin budokai another road?

  17. Haziq Daniel:

    cheatdb not only for god of war right?

  18. AidsTRM [Brainstorm]:

    there is no cheat folder please please answer me A.S.A.P

  19. kidgamerYT kidfilmer:

    the dude

  20. Amy Nakamura:

    cheat not working on dead or alive paradise help please

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