How To Download Next Car Game Tech DEMO (Torrent)+(FREE)

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  1. emir omerbegovic:

    what is «Texture creation (8192 x 24)failed» Please help!!!!

  2. ZALGO:

    put in mediafire

  3. Adam Vanco:

    there is a file called d3dx_42.dll that is missing

  4. megaRXB:

    I would be wary as it looks like it an 10 year old who got his dad to tell him how to torrent. This does not look safe. You’re better off buying it and helping the developer anyways.

  5. Dominic corkett:

    That screensaver tho

  6. DogeByte:

    Sorry but I did it on windows 8 and it said a Trojan virus good thing norton saved it

  7. [Faze] Zay Herrera:


  8. Kelvin Ortiz:

    whether it is the game

  9. Felo Hernandez:

    didnt work 🙁

  10. Voltz:

    I think piratebay is a illegal website

  11. ThyRex:

    Mine is so laggy,anyone know how to fix it??

  12. PhoneTech313:

    Just curious because I’m running a laptop with 8gb of ram and it still doesn’t run very good

    • Ilham Nanda:

      I Running 2GB Ram And Not Lag When I Setting High All (NOT Over Clock) My Spec ATI Radeon 5400 HD Series 2GB RAM INTEL i3 My Advice Try To Make It All Low TO Make It Not Lag Or If You Use 2.0 Version Don’t Destroyer Anything And Can I See You Spec Please To Make It Why Laggy

    • jose garcia:

      the gb of the ram doesnt matter so much, the best laptops are those that have intel core i5 and up or other type of processors and the video graphics of your computer are very important like the nvidia gtx the ram doesnt matter so much

  13. PhoneTech313:

    what computer are you running the game on

  14. Youssef Rafik:

    It says the file xinput1_3 is not found

  15. LemmeNinjaDefuse:

    updated torrent link. thank me later

  16. Dominykas Grainys:

    this is not a virus i downloaded and it works just fine but it lags a little bit for me but if it lags allot for you so you need better PC

  17. MANGYAN0913:

    lol it gives me a virus

  18. The Wang Gang C T R N:

    dose it work

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