How To: Download Movies Using «Torrent» (Mac)

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  1. Christine Young:

    Thanks! Easy to follow instructions. Helped a lot.


    thanks bro

  3. Kinsey K:

    Thanks a lot! I have a question though, DivX says it only lasts for a 15 day trial and then it costs money…?

  4. ash muryode:

    anyone here 2017 ?

  5. Osama Alshaer:

    thanks young man you helped me 🙂

  6. Edang Macjosi:

    thanks dude!!

  7. Burhan Chaudhry:

    Thanks mate

  8. Hazel Gatbonton:

    Thanks a lot, Lloyd! Finally, an easy tutorial on how to use uTorrent. Thanks a ton! 🙂

  9. ramo said:

    thanks alot 

  10. Juan Jesus Salomon:

    So grateful for your help! 

  11. Putri Aulia Maharani:

    thank youuuu !!!! (p.s. i like your voice) :p x

  12. Andrea Oliveira:


  13. Isral Sheahan:

    What website can I use instead of Torrentz? It’s not working.


    thanks! You help me a lot!!

  15. Parthiv Sajen:

    this is cool

  16. Steven Rathod:

    im trying to download from kickass. when the download is complete. there is only a jpeg. i downloaded it on my windows laptop and it worked fine there. I use utorrent.

  17. Ohad Bin-Nun:


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