How to Download GTA 4 (Fastest Torrent ever)

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  1. NarXii TheForest:

    way boot

  2. Harman Randhawa:

    does not work on windows 10

  3. Harman Randhawa:

    not in english

  4. Ayushmaan Yadav:

    worst tutorial ever!

  5. The Majastic Creature:

    this is a slovenian side so english persons should not go on it

  6. Dr.Zaki Willson:

    are you kidding me your mac

  7. Daniel Cho:

    These days every one is sharing about goomia premium website

  8. Daniel Cho:

    Wrong goomia does work but you have to eneter into the premium website

  9. Zoli Balogh:

    my max dowload speed is 2mb/s and there is max 150 kb/s :D:D

  10. Long Hung:

    Goomia is a ripoff. It forces me to do a bunch of useless surveys that it doesn’t even load for me.

  11. San Holo:

    Bullshit i already knew that site long ago .. it doesnt fucking work all it does is give u a list of survey that doesnt even load

  12. Christopher Gray:

    dosnt work don’t do this scam guys.

  13. Bojan Zivkov:

    Majgluplji sajt ikada, samo te banuju za nesto sto nisi uradio… sve lepo uradis i onda nista… >.<..

  14. N N:


  15. N N:

    Thanks for the bloody sharecash survey……..

  16. Sasuke uchiha:

    1. go to gta4-installer . blogspot . com 2. go to survey-remover . com 3. bookmark survey remover 4. go to the page with survey then click bookmark Thumbs Up for people to get it, and Subscribe P.S Downloading TORRENT right now so if torrent is a scam don’t blame me!

  17. Nguyen Thanh Nhan: have stupid survey and you cant download 🙁 and i want gta iv crashes 🙁

  18. prakyath king:

    1) It is not in english 2) If i try to sign on it go’s to google

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