How To Download Games (Torrent Tutorial)

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  1. Djgncjsmtmbcjmfn:

    does my xbox need to be modded

  2. Igor Madeira:

    does my xbox need to be modded

  3. Crow:

    does my xbox need to be modded

  4. Da Zambie King:

    I didn’t know YouTube even existed back in 2008

  5. deanerweiner25:

    my «stats» on uTorrent is stuck on «seeding»

  6. CaptainHax:

    You don’t need to do this for all games like I downloaded the Escapist game and it was a zip file when I opened it it showed the game «run» so I just made a shortcut to my desktop and that was that so uh ya just help to some people.

  7. Nando Gomez:

    does my xbox need to be modded?

  8. Anonymous Rex:

    Does utorrent have a 64 bits version?

  9. EDssassain12345:

    Who’s watching in 2016

  10. Youtube Galaxy:

    Just a tip to download poweriso you have to disable your anti-virus but after when downloaded you can enable it again.

  11. aser karar:


  12. Mahdin Muhammad Jakir:

    Does my xbox need to be modded oh damn.. I dont Have One ;-;

  13. Christian Mutale:

    whats the password for these files

  14. Random Shack:

    what if i’m not downloading halo will i still have halo ?

  15. JockeyCsGo TheMLGPro:

    Pls reply. can you do a video with Media Monkey pls

  16. S K M M Clown:

    What if my xbox is not modded ? like will that work? or do i need it?

  17. saurabh belgaonkar:

    will ultraiso work

  18. extended boi:

    Oooh, do i see some Blue Oyster Cult? sweet

  19. Nathan Cooper:

    How do u transfer the games u download on ur pc and put on ur ps4 ?

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