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  1. KrisRenz:

    Resolution is always low, any fix? running WIndows 10, Nvidia GTX 960 EDIT: The simple solution to this is to change your shadow setting to Medium or Low. Then you’ll get your desired resolution.

  2. AgustinMf2604:

    It’s going to be useful now that Activision pulled this game out of Steam. Thanks man

  3. Barry CPPS:

    I know this is a late comment but Thanks man!! It actually works guys it’s not fake no virus Problem fixs (not involving the download) — Resolution: Turn Shadow Quality to low or medium and boom.

  4. SaiyanSachin:

    working…!!! thanks


    Can it run only with apk


    Can we delete files

  7. Scrubbz Animate:

    Would it be too much to ask for a link update? None of the links in the description seem to be working.

  8. Berke Yüce:

    turk olanlar like

  9. Jordan Collings:

    why did Activision take The Amazing Spider Man out of steam

  10. Stepan Hraje:

    VIRUS !!!

  11. Arham Khan:

    dose it work for window 7 ultimate and my pc ram is 2 gb

  12. theduckwars army:

    stupid idiot it almost gave me a virus

  13. Mewtwo Gaming:

    Dude where is the crack file send me the like

  14. Csern Yap:

    It connect to steam when i click on the launcher and cn’t launch the game in steam, how to fix this?

  15. TBTNMC 10:

    work thanks very muchhhhhhhh

  16. ankit raj:

    kya kuchh bhi sale phek rhe ho

  17. Super Super Friends ORG:

    it is showing d3dx.43.dll is missing

  18. BROKENCM1994:

    Doesn’t work, I deleted the file and clicked launch game. Nothing

  19. Hemel yeatun:


  20. Hemel Yeatun:

    No working.. Wast my time

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