How to Download and Install GTA San Andreas (HD) (Torrent)

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  1. TheGamingRocks:

    Pеoplе, do this to download gta san andrеas dirеctly and sеcurly: 1. Just visit *afreegamer. com* 2. Just sеarch for gta san andrеas. 3. Download it, install, usе and еnjoy. Its damn еasy, am i right? Afrееgamеr is thе safеst way to download hundrеds of gamеs. I havе download so many gamеs from afrееgamеr and all of thеm work 100%.I am rеcommеnding it, do try it oncе. How can you find such a complеtе download packagе anywhеrе еlsе?

  2. abdul rehman:

    This is great.Thanks for posting a video  because of you i can play gta san andreas  This website is working!!!! Trust me everyone This is a nice indian youtuber Go to kickasstorrrents Then write gta san andreas and download it then follow than instructions that are given by this youtuber He is just great!!! Thanks very much

  3. GӀɑʑҽɖBɾíԵíՏհ:

    I have the game from nos team already I’m just seeing how many crying fags or ratarded people there are here

  4. puntsag munkh:

    name of music /??

  5. Harsh Funbook:

    can i mod this gta san ? i have to mod a gta v texture mod that i downloaded pls reply can i mod this ??

  6. Wong:

    ษ??ออ?ออ?อ?ป บษ?บบ?ปษ?อ?บ บบบษปบบบบอ?? ศผศผศผศผศอ?ผ ษอ?ออ?ออ?ออ?อ?อ??ออ?ป บษ?บบบบบบบบบอ?บบ?ปษ?บ บศ?บบบบบบบบบอ?บบบบบ?? ศอ?ออ???????อ??อผศผศผ?๑??๑? _*****ษอ?ปษ?ปษอ?อ????ปษอป***** _ _*****บศ?บบบศ?ศ?ษ?ษ?บศ?อ?***** _ _*****?ปบศผบบ?ปบศ?บบบบบอ?***** _ _*****ศอ?ออ?อ?อ?อ?ผศ?อ?อผ***** _ ?๑??๑?

  7. Agony:

    Music ? please :3

  8. John Pickerton:

    says vorbisfile.dll is missing… HELP PLZ and when i go to the rockstar games folder and click on the gta_sa.exe it works then as soon as the little intro (Nividia something) it closes and says gtasan not responding…

  9. yanys:

    It works perfectly thanks 🙂

  10. Damir Ivković Ivandekić:

    rip kickass

  11. Kawa.:

    Download installer no cd?

  12. Bloxx 21:

    I Cant Play The Game… If I Click Gta Sand Andreas, Nothing Happens.Help Me

  13. Kapil Thiru:

    dude i pressed play GTA, its not downloading. pls tell me the reason. this is the 10th time im dowloading gts

  14. Fabián Videla:

    is this the new remastered hd version?

  15. Larry CxZ:

    hey guys, does it work?

  16. Iloveu Productions:

    can i install mods with it?

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