How GTA 5 Cheat Codes Work — IGN Plays

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  1. Tristan herle:

    cheats are impossible to enter

  2. GAMER KID254:

    I relly wish the cheats can be typed in on a phone like gta4

  3. Boss Gaming:

    how do i deactivate cheats in gta v ps3

  4. Brian Fierro:

    how do you take off cheats

    • Shamelessaura:

      When you died in GTA 5

    • Luis Haitz:

      *I* have been employing this tip day-to-day to gain nearly *_Huge Mon3y & RP_* quickly to date so excellent a person submitted the idea in this article THTS LEGGGGITTT HHHHAAACCCCCCKS TO GET UUUNNLIIIMITTTED MONEEEEEEYYYY AND RP INNNN GTTTA5

  5. Swapnanil Bhowmick:

    Mate, How to deactivate the weapon cheat…plz help me out !! I just saved one with weapon cheat….

  6. refai mehmood:

    Entering cheats was more fun n easy in GTA IV, rather than in Gta v, it was really easy to remember numbers than remembering controller buttons

  7. AZW Show:

    This version is so outdated. Here is the latest version of the hack all you need to do is to search «rivaloguides» on google.

  8. Goat hill:

    what does it mean by left and right

  9. Mia N:

    Way preferred the gta 4 cheat call than the gta 5 way so hard

  10. Farming Pickaxe:

    what do they mean by right left ????

  11. David M:

    It isn’t working 4 meh on the Xbox 360

  12. Carmendee lennonr:

    I did it I’m 9

  13. Gabriel Mugerwa:

    This guys so bad

  14. Burrito300:

    What is left

  15. SPAZMAN 66:

    this does not tell me how to activate the cheats

  16. jamie gunner:

    I do it and the phone comes up someone help?

  17. John Oliver:

    heres the problem with button cheats, if you try to activate most of them, you end up firing your gun and getting the cops on you, accidentally stealing a car, jumping off a roof or some other random event. it might be quicker than phone cheats but WAY less convenient… and you gotta have lightning fingers to even input them fast enough. bad move Rockstar, bad move…

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