Heroes of Might and Magic III: Necropolis 1v7 (200%)

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  1. TheKnownWorld:

    +Hannan Ren I don’t know if you’ll end up reading this, but for some odd reason I cannot reply directly to your post. I’m pretty sure that in the video I give an elaborate explanation as to why the HD *version* (read, NOT the HD mod) sucks. But just to sum it up, the HD version lacks the expansions (so, no Random Map Generator and no Conflux), costs more, has a greater number of bugs, and (aside from Steam, of course) is incompatible with programs that allow you to play multiplayer. To make matters even worse, the HD version lacks the quick swap features and more-intuitive interface of the HD mod. In fact, you’d be paying $15 just to get this buggy, inferior HD version whereas you could easily have a much better alternative by going for the original Heroes III and the FREE HD mod. But that’s right — the HD version has better graphics! Big whoop — it shouldn’t really matter, considering that if you’re still playing this game today, I venture to guess that the game’s «older» graphics were never an issue for you to begin with.

  2. TheKnownWorld:

    I’m just going to post this here as a reference: I HAVE THE HD MOD. In the Conflux video, I explain the HD Mod’s benefits AND I also explain why I didn’t use it in the first video.


    Heroes 3 and Diablo 2 are the best games ever created.

  4. MortSalazar:

    Over 15 years and the game is still beautiful.

  5. kutabear:

    This run is 2spooky5me, it gives me too many flashbacks of the great skeleton war :'(

  6. xxlCortez:

    I can’t even beat one computer on impossible :*

  7. Vortex Cubers:

    Bone dragons are the worst lol

  8. LawrencelotNL:

    I can’t believe I watched the whole thing… this game is addictive even when watching others play!

  9. Lucas Andres Costa:

    35:53 Lol that comment

  10. foodforpigs:

    I had to pause at others saying «Conflux isn’t that great.» @2:15:20 Pixies are one of the best level one units in the game against ground troops. Starting with Ciel who can throw at least 7 super magic missiles at level one. Mage guild level 5. 2-3 level units can upgrade to archers. Every unit above level four is immune to Armageddon. Phoenixes revive stacks. Yeah, sure. 🙂

    • Ninja Hussar:

      Conflux have actually best heroes. magic heroes start with good magic (luna, brissa, guy with gold and slow) And they get best stats and very good skills. 2 might heroes start with tactics/offensive. Mullich is good for speed, but as knight he get bad stats and bad magic, and mediocre skills. Greatest advantage of conflux is that they level 1-3 units are so powerfull u don’t need anything alse for first 3 weeks.

    • Георги Димитров:

      I know I’m a bit late, but Conflux is not the strongest race — that would be Necropolis by the most polls. Conflux is a close second though as most of the other races are pretty balanced.

    • Charles Lee:

      It is totally ridiculous. All experienced players know Conflux is great. That’s why it is banned in tournaments. Go to any Heroes forum and they will agree Conflux is the strongest faction. The people claiming Conflux is weak tend to be those inexperienced players who don’t know how to play it wisely. EG put storm elementals in two stacks so they can cast protection from air on each other; use hit and run with sprites; concentrate your money hiring Storm and Ice elementals and not waste it on Magma elementals except for casting Protection from Earth.

    • ChaosCollection:

      Most importantly, with Phoenixes you always start the battle

  11. Alex Mc:

    When I saw this video was 5 hours and 38 minutes long I felt the urge to put a like immediately. People on YouTube should be less scared to upload hours long stuff and not only 5 minutes long videos.

    • TheKnownWorld:

      Thank you, good sir! In a sense, this is a very far departure from the opinions held by a vast majority of others who have watched my videos. Actually, a lot of viewers have told me to split up my videos into 30-minute segments for a variety of reasons, but I personally disagree with them for reasons of my own. Having said that, I think that a lot of people prefer putting up 5-minute long videos since it doesn’t eat up nearly as much time (and can be released far more frequently) to make as a gameplay footage of 3+ hours. It is my pleasure to upload a long video like this — some might even see it as a lengthy movie of sorts! Anyway, thanks again for watching, and enjoy the ride! 🙂

  12. Scorpsyn:

    «I’m not very good against real players.» *proceeds to play against 7 AI on one team in impossible difficulty* … Well then, either I suck or your standards are really high. I’ll take the first guess.

    • TheKnownWorld:

      +Dragon Scorpion Rampart’s Dwarves and Dendroids are especially useful as meat for clearing out Dragon Fly Hives or Griffin Conservatories. They might strike you as lame and slow, but having extra tanks comes in quite handy! Anyway, awesome! I can’t wait to see you checking out the other vids, because I also discuss my opinion of Tower and Inferno in far greater detail. Cheers! 😀

    • TheKnownWorld:

      +Dragon Scorpion I personally believe that the hardest faction to play in Heroes III is Inferno (hence, why it’s my favorite). Inferno is expensive overall, their units don’t have any particular tricks up their sleeve, their heroes are rather weak, and Demon Farming (arguably one of the only viable strategies with Inferno) takes a mix of math, planning, game knowledge, and creativity to set up. To make matters even worse, Inferno players are sometimes forced to start underground, which can lead to more-painful-than-usual blocks. As for what I consider the «worst» faction, that would have to be Tower. Admittedly, while I call it the worst faction in the game, it is probably not the most difficult — Tower still at least has lots of Master Gremlins (ranged shooters) and Solmyr, so they can be played with moderate ease over the first couple of days. Afterwards is the real problem. I talk more about why I consider Tower to be the worst faction in my Tower 1v7 video, so you might be interested in listening to my commentary there if you want a more in-depth answer. 😉

    • Scorpsyn:

      +TheKnownWorld I agree, Serpent Flies are perfect for scouting heroes. Wyverns are awesome early game too. And yeah, I do realize that Mighty Gorgons are really expensive, but that’s part of the fun! Going for that harder build makes the game more interesting imo and I’m a sucker for how the Mighty Gorgons look and their attack. Decimating tanky units with them feels really satisfying. 😀 Yeah, I always pick Crag Hack when I’m in the mood for Stronghold, but I’m pretty bad at it I guess. I’m curious, which faction do you believe is the hardest to play? Also, which do you think is the weakest? I know each of them have their advantages/disadvantages and you can probably outplay anyone if you have a good strategy, but I’d like to know what’s your opinion, all things accounted.

    • TheKnownWorld:

      +Dragon Scorpion Yes, there are plenty of lovely heroes to pick on Dungeon overall. Deemer, for one, is especially nice as a scout since he starts off with Advanced Scouting (not sure why) as well as Meteor Shower. I really do enjoy Gunnar as well, of course, but Shakti’s potential start of 3 stacks of Troglodytes just allows him to fly through early game ridiculously quickly. Mighty Gorgons are pretty «cool», but they are ridiculously expensive (especially factoring in the necessary Resource Silo, the cost of which does NOT come easily). If I’m playing Fortress, I enjoy the Serpent Flies’ mobility, the easily obtainable Wyverns (via Dragon Fly Hives), and the underrated and very painful Hydras. Stronghold is just fine — I’ve seen plenty of players use Stronghold to great effect, especially considering how they have easy access to their Tier 7 (Behemoths hurt!) and perhaps the best hero class in the game: Barbarians. Seriously, Crag Hack with Wolf Raiders and Behemoths is straight-up painful to say the least.

    • Scorpsyn:

      +TheKnownWorld I see, thanks, I’ll be sure to watch your other videos, since I really liked your commentary. 😀 I figured Inferno would be the hardest, I always have to focus really hard and play more boldly as them, compared to other factions. As for Tower, I noticed how they fly easily through early game and their late game is pretty complicated, even with Titans being the strongest ranged units, so I usually get strong magic heroes like Solmyr to deal with it or else I get stomped. Also the faction I find the most boring to play with is Rampart for some reason. Dwarves and Dendroids are kinda lame imo.

  13. Helen Tšernobrovkin:

    THIS GAME was my childhood ????

  14. Alexis Blanc:

    My dad is 68 years old, and he spends at least 2 hours a day playing HMM. This game is really legendary

  15. broadcast2291:

    Nice video! Glad to see someone playing (and also recording) this game! My personal favorite is fortress, since i like defensive style of play.

  16. jim bob:

    vampire and skeletons are the most op units in the game

    • TheKnownWorld:

      +Tosiek Welcome to my channel Tosiek! It’s nice to hear you’ve been enjoying my commentary and content thus far, and I appreciate how you acknowledge the time I need to take out of the day to actually put something like this together. 😛 Anyway, cheers, and thanks for the feedback!

    • tony:

      +kubba kubbikula I laughed so hard reading what you wrote here, not because of the content, but the form 😀 +TheKnownWorld Appreciate your effort to upload over five hours of video on youtube, man, only went through first couple of minutes since I don’t have much time at the moment, still I like your commentary and even though you say you’re not the best, you’re definetely better than me, and that’s an opportunity to learn something, right? ;]

    • TheKnownWorld:

      +kubba kubbikula …What?

    • TheKnownWorld:

      +milinm They’re also incredibly strong here in Heroes III.

    • milinm:

      +jim bob wrong heroes game. Vampires are OP in H4

  17. Florita100:

    I agree RIP bone dragons 😀 weakest max tier monster if you ask me

    • TheKnownWorld:

      +Simas Adomaitis Vampire Lords, hands down. They never die and they’ll get you through just about any fight without you having to bat an eyelash. In no way am I underratting Behemoths — full respect to them and the massive damage they dish out, and Speed 6 isn’t so bad. On the other hand, Speed 5 on Hydras is pretty awful.

    • Florita100:

      +Simas Adomaitis Titans and Nagas 

    • Simas Adomaitis:

      +TheKnownWorld Yeah… But I you can`t underrate Behemoths. Even though they are slow but they actually deal alot of damage. My favourite units are Crusaders and Wolfriders because of their double strikes… What are your favourite monsters?

    • TheKnownWorld:

      +Florita100 … Probably so, yeah. To be fair, -1 Morale is pretty hilarious and Bone Dragons have decent speed, but they’re nowhere near as strong as the possible alternative choices. Hydras are slow, but they’re very useful in clearing out hives.

    • Tanzklaue:

      +TheKnownWorld the main thing with bone dragons comapred to their homm2 counterpart is that they now cost special ressources, making them very unaffordable. that and of course the fact that instead of above average stats they now are slightly below average:P i’d still say they outperform hydras; hydras are stronger (actually hydras are pretty fucking scary if one doesn’t have range), but bone dragons will actually affect the battle with their moralenegation and their ability to priobably attack something before the battle has ended.

  18. Raziel Qwazar:

    4:03:00 «Let’s actually hand Vidomina over Town Portal scroll» Teleports, hands units and artifact, leaves. Hurp-a-durp. At least you noticed, lol.

  19. GameSlashers:

    Thank you for uploading this!! I loved this game back in the day… I watched all of it, from 10 to 3 am…

    • TheKnownWorld:

      You’re welcome! Heroes III is an amazing game, and even to this day I think we still hold some sort of affection for it. It’s nice to hear that you watched the entire video 🙂

  20. Peter:

    Remind me of the good old days when I played HOMM3 at the age of 11. At that time I knew zero English ,zero strategy and couldn’t even tell the difference between the icon of diplomacy and the icon of wisdom. But I definitely get excited when exploring the map to meet those creatures and races that I’ve never seen. The first time I met black knight they were my enemies, which survive a lot after a round of my attack. I thought they were really as tough as my strongest troops, an army of champions at that battle, and there must be some relations between them because they also looked alike. I love those subtle designs for us to imagine and complement the mythic world. That’s one reason why I think HOMM3 is a legend and even HOMM5 cannot compare with it. Sorry for talking a lot about myself and my view of this game. It’s so happy to see someone enjoying this game after many years. Good job, man!

    • Peter:

      If I were next to you, I would definitely help you by clicking everything on the screen. That’s how I learn to play this game. 🙂

    • Adriano Andrade:

      Peter I learned English playing video games, watching movies and listening music. Its what I recommend to anyone learning a different language.

    • Kaśk:

      I remember my first few games, when I was 8 and just got this game. I end them after one day, because I had no idea what to do with the fact that my hero doesn’t want to move anymore. But I still didn’t get bored and wanted to play, because this game just have something special. 😀 And playing always at the same map, starting a game a few times to get the town I want, always being to poor for the best units. Awww, good old days. <3

    • Darthgipsyjoe:

      I can totally relate to that too Peter. When I started playing HoMM3 (demo) I was even more clueless. My English vocabulary consisted of yes, no and the first 10 numbers, had no idea what a strategy game was, when I got inside the town screen I thought buying buildings was a way to select levels (spyro the dragon style), I expected the troops to be controllable characters, not just units. Once I could fight battles and leveled up some I picked skills solely based on their looks. During my 1st encounter with an enemy hero I got pissed off cause I though the game was cheating when the hero cast magic missiles 😛 Figuring out all the nuances to acquire and cast spells was a really long process. Because I was playing the demo version I couldn’t choose the map or faction or difficulty and had to play with a 1 month turn limit which was really annoying. Funny that by the time I mastered that level I still didn’t understand 60% of the spells and favored the damaging ones and had a few unknown skills too.

    • DXnielBeAr:

      hahaha Dude cool story. Today when you want to know something you have to look in the internet and idk…7-10 years ago you have to share you experience with your friends. I remember when i was playig Gothic 1 and my friends helped me alot :D. Sorry for Spam but i want to remember and share my live.

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