Heroes & Halfwits: Episode One

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  1. Captain Falcon:

    You know what would make this show awesome? If they released live action or animated version of what they actually did during the episodes. Sounds like it would be an amazing RTAA or Live Action series.

  2. Michael Raspini:

    I thought this was going to be Sponsor only content from the trailer. God bless you RT for making it public

  3. Nina LaPres:

    I tried playing D&D with my friends in high school but they all had the attention spans of a fish….I would love to try playing this again

  4. J. Michael Lanaghan:

    Paladins in 5e don’t have to be Lawful Good any longer.

  5. Jfreak:

    None of them will ever be as amazing as my Wizard, Tim the Enchanter.

  6. MLG Wombat:

    I might just write exactly what this guy is saying and hand it in to my english teacher

    • Dalton G:

      agreed lmfao. as fun as the story is, the prose itself (if you can call it that) is so purple I actually rolled my eyes a few times. you can always tell when someone is a pro vs amateur

    • KurasakiBleachigo1:

      +XxBulletproofxX1 i think he means the overall plot, not the deliverance of it

    • iMacOfDeath:

      Careful. Now that Fullscreen owns Rooter Teeth, and this is a product of the company as a whole, they don’t take kindly to plagiarism.

    • Nicholas Fuhrmann:

      If they’re any good, they’ll tell you it’s excessive and flowery. Most of the reading made me want to stop the video and watch something else—the writing’s slow, really not that great.

  7. Troy Evans:

    love this video, not even usually in to this stuff but this grabbed me for some reason.

  8. psych0kris:

    They should do an animated chapter summary.

  9. Xander Michalkow:

    What would make this even more amazing is that: if possible you could throw up artists illustrations when applicable such as races, environments, beasts and spells/magic just to name a few instances.

  10. Dingleberry Sauce:

    So it doesn’t matter how old Griffon gets, she’s just always gonna be gorgeous?

  11. K S:

    Gus is basically Simmons in this

  12. Adam Sun:

    I hate that Frank is making Michael be Lawful Good, Paladin alignment restrictions aren’t mechanically enforced anymore and assuming that Michael would take the Oath of Vengeance (because let’s be honest, he’s Michael) it would make plenty of sense for him to be Neutral.

    • RahlForge:

      +Matthew Birkett I am of the opposite opinion…Paladins must ALWAYS be Lawful…they HAVE to follow the tenets of their deity or they lose their power. I can usually bend the moral alignment based on outside or inside perception. To the Paladin, he is always Good because he does his deity’s bidding. To the people he slaughters in the name of that deity, however… Law and Chaos are Objective alignments…if you follow a code of conduct, you are lawful. If you do whatever the Hell you feel like, you are chaotic. If you try to balance following laws in some areas, but are a free spirit in others, then you are Neutral. Good and Evil are 100% Subjective…to the mouse, the cat is evil, but to the farmer, the cat is doing good by removing pests. The cat thinks he’s just doing what he needs to survive…he is neutral.

    • RahlForge:

      I have a different way of explaining the «Lawful Good» enforcement, and it has everything to do with perception (not the skill, the concept). A Paladin MUST be Lawful, because they HAVE to follow the tenets of their deity. To the Paladin, those tenets ARE ALWAYS MORALLY RIGHT, and are therefore GOOD. If the tenets of their deity say «all goblins are evil, and their kind must not be allowed to exist», the Paladin would be more than happy to slaughter, torture and otherwise commit total genocide on every single goblin man, woman, and child, down to the last infant, and they would absolutely believe what they were doing was right and just…Lawful Good. Goblins are unworthy of mercy or humane treatment because that deity ordains it to be so.

    • Matthew Birkett:

      I’ve always found Paladins are always Good but lawful, neutral, or chaotic depends on what oath they choose, Vengeance literally sounds like Chaotic Good, etc.

    • Laura Krizo:

      In campaigns I run, Paladins are whatever alignment their deity is. E.g. A paladin of Asmodeus would be evil.

  13. 30 ART 5:

    Gus saying he will tell the boss… all i thought was «Good job Simmons. you continue to be a kissass»

  14. Wolffang731:

    Hopefully Geoff can roll better than he did on Off Topic

  15. protosaber363:

    The Demon Lands of Gahanna….Really? Come on dude, Gahanna, Ohio isn’t that bad… :/

  16. TheBIGJake111:

    simple suggestion, DnD is made much more palatable to those of us that have no experience with it through the use of slight occasional animation. RT has the assets to do that, for instance when the Dungeon Master (i think) describes a setting we could be given a simple picture or animation of it set to themed music. So far i really enjoy this though just hard to wrap my mind around alot of the fantasy aspects without having ever played WOW or DnD.

  17. O.G. Loko:

    I want an official RWBY Dn’D

  18. Samantha Lusher:

    The Production value of this show is absolutely amazing, I wish my gaming room looked like this!

  19. Eireanne W:

    Does anyone else hear Trevor’s voice when Frank speaks?

  20. Cozzi:

    I wish a had friends to play this with

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