? Hermitcraft 5 | Let’s Play Minecraft Survival | The PENTA-Spawner! Zombie Apocalypse! [#2]

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  1. Bigmac plays:

    python my cat died two days ago but your vids cheer me up thanks

  2. Blake Davidson:

    The only bad part about hermitcraft is having to watch all the perspectives

    • Garrett Rogers:

      Blake Davidson yep

    • Max Hollis:

      Pixlriffs I definitely agree. Thanks so much for doing he recap, because it lets me get caught up on the very thing because i only have enough time to watch 1 or 2 of the hermits. Advice for everyone else: watch hermitcraft recap

    • Pixlriffs:

      That’s not a bad thing — especially when it’s usually so many different perspectives, instead of 20 camera angles of the same thing 🙂 But for those who don’t have time, there’s always the Hermitcraft Recap!

    • Grim reaper:

      They should do like another channel I saw where there is a button at the bottom so you can switch cameras and such albeit if they are playing at the same time.

  3. Windows 10:

    just compare Python’s armor and tools with xisuma lol

  4. Aynntoh:

    you should build a perimeter wall around your land

  5. Aymen Timmers:

    its currently python time in the Netherlands 😀

  6. Debbie Shackleton:

    I love you Python

  7. Peter W.:

    The reason theres so many spawners so close together is because the cranked up the chance of dungeon generation all the way up to 100. 5 spawners is like one of the best situations for an op mob farm

  8. K Heaven27:

    Python can you do daily video’s

  9. Elias Pernefors:

    Didnt you set up a fish farm, cant you take fish as food from there?

  10. Ssultan Gaming:

    No I didn’t be an early squad ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️


    its currently 11 p.m. here in the Philippines

  12. AlphaChosen:

    Python! You should build a giiiiiiiiiiiant pixel art model of your P Snake logo in the air, just to signal where your land is!

  13. Erik,sen HD:

    Who saw diamonds at 11:36?

  14. Phuubz:

    Python leaving the horse armor for a «future episode» makes me was to die

  15. Anonymous Potato:

    I made the oresome joke to myself and died because you unintentionally said it Python xD

  16. Alejandro González:

    Why are they all Hermicrafters freaking out so much with having so many spawners? They are not at all informed about their own generation settings? Tango said they set the spawners to the maximum. All others are freaking out like never seen before. Penta spawner? if he looked for some more he will get as many as he wants, as close from each other as those 5 in this video. Probably the world is that dense entirely.

    • Vaelzan:

      Worlds with that setting quite frequently see 2-3 spawners in a small space, but 5 is really lucky, the equivalent of finding a triple spawner on a normal (non-tweaked) world. I’m really looking forward to seeing what is done with this find. 🙂

    • Alejandro González:

      ^^ then it’s just coincidence you are all getting very good luck with those spawners, ok! ??

  17. prettyyy gamer:

    you should make a shop

    • Garrett Sharp:

      prettyyy gamer He will when he has the resources , and will end up doing it sooner or later to get diamonds from the other Hermits

  18. XBlader 43 /XB:

    you are the best dude

  19. The Golden gamer:

    I don’t know what to comment so I’ll just comment this.

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