GTA V — NEW ALL Cheat Codes (XBOX & PS3)

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  1. King Of Hearts:

    Do I have to do it fast or something because its not working.

  2. Simon Sigvaldsen:

    bad weather in trevor place bad weather thear for snow thear XD i have more cheats then this like a booosss XD

  3. Simon Sigvaldsen:

    fast swim fast run sky fall bmx chopper parashut <<<<< lol wrong moon gravity explooding bullets exploding mele sanchez caddy limo gt pg600  ivicibility give weapons recharg special ability drunk mod slow motion slomotion aim lower wanted lvl higher wanted trash master and MORE! XD

  4. PIT:

    Great it works thanks man

  5. Allowt 2Hood:

    your the man because you put lot of informashion

  6. wiz wayen:

    Really this are the old ones

  7. MarQuel Broadus:

    how can i get the cheat for the cars message me on facebook my name on facebook is  anthony broadus its the one with a picture but not of me 

  8. Melly gaming380:

    Does these cheats actually work? Because I want some and they’re not really decent are they? The old gta iv cheats where much better because they were mainly numbers but u know theses ones are alright

  9. Beast Man:

    His guy is awesome

  10. Beast Man:

    Awesome a scottish youtuber finally ? for no 1 most subscribed

  11. Lindsay Orcutt:

    one cheat i figured out by my self is 1999937667

  12. Andrew Montiel:

    thanks man you da best

  13. Wayne Maletzky:

    cool v stupid graphics

  14. tia jackson:

    thanks for this video I don’t no what to say buford thanks??????????????????????????

  15. Michelle Lima:

    Thank you because I didn’t know there where codes

  16. Raul:

    Work, Thank You!

  17. Amaan Memon:

    What is jetpack cheat

  18. xAntinote:

    thx but i dont understand right or left u mean move joystick or look

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