GTA V Money Cheat GTA 5 Money Glitch?

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  1. frederick pena:

    I only got one time a package

  2. Mega Smilez:

    I  did not see nothing in the water

  3. Shush Shush:

    I remember when single player money mattered…:)

  4. Kevin Symonds:

    will the briefcase be there even if you haven’t purchased the real estate?

    • Brunilda Kjeldgaard:

      I *have* been employing this cheats every day to gain pretty much *_Easy & fast cash and RP_* instantly to date so good an individual submitted the idea right here THS IS UPDDDDATTED HHHHAAACCCCCCKS TO GET UUUNNLIIIMITTTTTED MONEEEEEEYYYY AND RP INNN GTTTA5

    • Alesha Hornor:


  5. TheSlakezHD:

    bad video

  6. Jonathan Bjørklund:

    I dont know why but i have seen like 3-4 videos of difrent packages and no one of them are there

  7. FaDe Ob3y:

    [Submarine Cheat}—{LB, LB, RB, RB, Y, X, Y, X] (Must be in water to work)

  8. Chiko was here:

    Why did they take the money code out? That’s what made the old ones fun.

  9. Sarah Clinedinst:

    does this work for ps4?

  10. snajper 23:

    sorry but I’m not there this briefcase

  11. miniplayz:

    How did you find it where is it

  12. Ernest Jay:

    For PS3 player, please don’t update your game to 1.08 because rockstar already fix this money glitch, but if your game is version 1.00 (retail disc) you can do this many times and get millions of $$$

  13. Sport Tips And Tricks:

    Can you go online and do it

  14. Quinn Anderson:

    WTF slow this down!!!!

  15. Armaghan Dawar:

    You can do it with the invincibility cheat too

  16. Cheryl Flores:

    I sill do not understand

  17. LittleMex:

    For 2.13 to 2.16 in the video, I sware I see 2 flashing suitcases.

  18. Miha Kos:

    I got 12540000000000$

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