Gta San Andreas Skip Mission Cheat PC

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  1. sanket kamble:

    thanks dude 🙂 at last i m out of flying school 😛

  2. FilippoWaYs:

    Works, thank you

  3. Joel But It's Also A Bell:

    theres no download button for the saves. wtf, it worked weeks ago but now it dosent.

  4. ashish gahukar:

    speed up the vdo more

  5. Ranju singh:

    so fast i havent understood

  6. Litl Luzi:

    Every Time i do this my game Set me to the beginning

  7. OzneTV:

    Alright, everyone this does work okay? I am not a bot i am a real gamer and this really works! Everyone doesn’t think so but, thanks T-REXPRO….

  8. gaming world:

    what is cheat

  9. Nimbuzz User:

    sooooooooooo fast 😐

  10. Darren:

    I only have 2 problems with this… I HAVE TO REBUY ALL MY SAVE LOCATIONS OVER AGAIN and i hate the mohawk, but still thanks man

  11. Fazersion:

    Oh thanks, thanks now im forced to do all missions i have do.

  12. Ben:

    i want to do this without downloading useless shite

    • T-REXPRO:

      Yes, it will. the save file will disappear from the load game but that’s it.

    • John Patrick Falcon:

      T-REXPRO the file you downloaded from the web, If I delete it. Will it affect the game?

    • T-REXPRO:

      There’ll be a GTASAsf1.b file inside the zip file when you download a mission. Change it to GTASAsf2.b so it’ll show up second in Load Game or GTASAsf3.b if you want it to be third and you got something in the second place. You probably have your save file in the first slot, so change the downloaded file’s name to GTASAsf2 or GTASAsf3 or something. Your question was a bit unclear, let me know if I didn’t get the answer there and………… write a better question!

    • John Patrick Falcon:

      T-REXPRO Does that mean if I deleted it, the end of the line load game will still be there.? (A bit unclear to me)

    • T-REXPRO:

      Carl Jhonson I need more people like you 🙂

  13. ReiNHoLD Gaming!:

    I dont understand anything if its speed moded

  14. HidanLT:

    OMG THX DUDE… For me hardest mission is OG LOC cause I’m not really good at driving. (P.S I know that there is harder missions but I’m not at that point yet)

  15. Rabindra paudel:

    woooooo it’s work man >:

  16. ALL IN ONE:

    ooh thanks for this video

  17. Sarah Azmi:

    After skip any mission,is it unlock all the shop or anything that can we enter into it ? 🙂 Thanks if you answering me ..

    • Anish Upreti:

      the file skips other mission too which i havent played……solve my prblm plz

    • Sarah Azmi:

      +T-REXPRO yes,just explain it ..

    • T-REXPRO:

      +Sarah Azmi Well There’s Another Thing If You Wanna Unlock All The Houses. Start The New Game.Now When The Police Arrests Carl,Type «Rocketman» Once They Take you Inside The Car.You’ll Notice You’re Dead When You’re Thrown Out Of The Car.You’ll Wake Up At The Hospital,And Then Everything’s Unlocked. Trust Me This Works.Subscribe If It Did 😀

    • Yeol Jesse:

      +Sarah Azmi maybe :/ +T-REXPRO

    • T-REXPRO:

      +Sarah Azmi Just Go To The Site That’s Shown In The Description. Search For The name Of The Mission You Wanna Skip And Download It.It’ll Contain A rar File.Open It And Extract It to the Desktop.Now Copy The File You Extracted And Paste It In : If You Have Windows XP. Desktop/My Documents/(Your Computer’s User Name)/Gta San Andreas User Files/ If You Have Win 7. Desktop/(Your Computer’s User Name)/My Documents/Gta San Andreas User Files/ After That Open The Game.Then In The Load Game You’ll See A File In The 1’st Place.Open It And Your Mission Will Be Skipped. Pretty Easy…Right ?

  18. Game Infos:

    Viruses motherfucker -_-

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