GTA San Andreas — All Cheat Codes (PC & Mac)

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  1. elbaria manoppo:

    what is cheat sport traffic in gta san andreas ? please answer

  2. Devil From Heaven:

    there is not cheat for clear all mission or skip mission…

  3. mir rafiul ahmed rafi:

    i like the video

  4. TheMegaGamerisLT:

    How To Get Mini Gun ?

  5. Ja'Stavious Gladney:

    Doesn’t work

  6. ashari voltron:

    how do you activate it?

  7. Updesh Sharma:

    can u give me Lamborghini cheat

  8. Kane Adam:

    No infinite health and armor???

  9. Great Value Memes:

    for anyone saying it doesnt work press caps lock and just type

  10. bouhadjilaomraniofficiel:



    What a nice theme song bro well done

  12. F0rc3 Lime:


  13. Bhargava Raman:

    Nice ?

  14. ZXx8AMER:

    whats the name of the song

  15. Jay Ambrose:

    How to get lemborgini car in gta sanandreas game

  16. Kostic Kostic:

    sta sereš covek baguvix to je beskonacno

  17. Gia Zurzolo:

    What editing software did you use

  18. Crowbar:

    How do i use the cheat codes?

  19. Noah Gleason:

    Ok obviously you don’t just type it in cuz wen I do nothing happens

  20. FisherVlogz:

    thanks really works thx!!!!!!

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