GTA IV: how to get a plane cheat (parody)

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  1. Syed Ali:

    Hey Aser u said graphics on GTA iv sucks look at GTA SanAndreas And I think GTA iv has more beautiful graphics than GTA v.

  2. James Powers:

    It is fun to take a car and race down the airport’s airstrip racing the cops

  3. Benita Blackwell:

    GTA 4 was good in its time and it’s still OK game, I still play it

  4. zohal sarmastzada:

    I have Xbox 360

  5. David Evans:

    Do u a have a ps3 ?

  6. zohal sarmastzada:

    I have Xbox 360

  7. Ren Glen:

    in GTA IV you can fly helicopters 🙂

  8. TylerCB:

    GTA 4 TBoGT is my favorite GTA EVER

  9. The slender gamer 100:

    My favourite character is Tommy vercitti

  10. dam chin:

    gta 4 is better

  11. Ricci Taylor:

    what is the number

  12. kareem isleem:

    why dont u know how to use ur handbrakes?

  13. SaVaGe MODZZ:

    most people think that gta iv doesnt have planes becuz of 9/11 But actually its becuz the map is to small so what was the point of putting planes

  14. Taulant Podvorica:


  15. Shannon Maclellan:

    i am friends with this guy in xbox 369

  16. bobby mars:

    fucking hilarious tutorial..

  17. Jackson Piquette:

    what’s the map

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