GTA 5: Super Jump Cheat Code

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  1. KicksAllDay786:

    This cheat is good to mix with the gravity cheat

  2. superman fan:

    Does this work for gta 4

  3. Vuyo Ntonga:

    dude show pattern s

  4. Michelle Lawrence:

    I’m in that crew on PS3 @jusslike curry

  5. Andrew Cronin:

    Do u have to be online

  6. Max Ellis:

    Is it d-pad left, or joystick left?

  7. Davide Ceber:

    He Dea people ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. Christine H:

    It doesent work do u use the d pad or left joystick or right joystick for xbox

  9. DIAZ INC.:

    It works idiots

  10. Angelo Gonzalez:

    I cant even do it it gets annoying

  11. Electronic Vibez:

    How do i stop it

  12. The Sweet ShyGuy:

    on Xbox L is left on the D-pad and same for R but its right 😛

  13. Trash Bulb:

    Cheat codes never work! I tried this one 78 times and it never worked!!! Wtf!!???

  14. Аноним:

    That camera yank right after lift off eliminates every sense of height. What a waste

  15. Austin Braunsberg:

    what is SQ

  16. Cabeyo Banana:

    They don’t work on me

  17. Anchony Windom:

    l means left r means right on the left bottom of the controler

  18. Jack Taylor:

    0 0 — This is bob he is evil so repost this vid all over YouTube or he will take over the world ( and he is a fan of jb )

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