GTA 5: Spawn Buzzard Helicopter CHEAT! Xbox 360 + PS3 Tutorial Guide (Grand Theft Auto V)

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  1. Unknown Player:

    For people new to GTA games that are confused, cheats DON’T work online. They never have worked and never will for obvious reasons, cheats are only for single player so please don’t tell me that these cheat codes don’t work in GTA Online because they aren’t supposed to.

    • ENRAGED 8557:

      YOUR THE BEST THANK YOU!!!!!????

    • Yoel Landeros:

      Thanks man because wen I have cops on me in gta5 ofline hellicopter always saves me thanks so much

    • Rochelle Jackel:

      I have been previously by using trick everyday to gain practically *_Huge Mon3y & RP_* promptly so far so good someone published that here THTS NEW HHHHAAACCCCCCKS FOR UNLIIIIMITTETTED MONEEEEEEYYYY AND RP INNNN GTTTA5

    • Carolyn Reeh:

      Appears by using method everyday to achieve almost *_Almost Unlimited Cash_* immediately thus far so great an individual submitted that below THIS IS AWESOMEE HAAAACCCCCCKS TO GET UUUNNLIIIMITTTTTED MMMONEEEEEEYYY AND RP IN GGGTTA5

  2. Savannah Russell:

    B,b,lb, b,b,b,lb, lt, rb, y,b,y

  3. Luan Hurter:

    Who else is scrolling down to see if this works or not?

  4. Jaden M.:


  5. Convulsionz:

    i tried to use the cheat code and my xbox started smoking and melted all the cover DO NOT DO THIS GLITCH ITS A XBOX BAN GLITCH

  6. Ethan Playsgames:

    it doesnt work

  7. The Dickheads:

    Does not work

  8. Luan Hurter:

    Thanks works

  9. Emi Invaders:

    Wow thanks dude!

  10. Jeroen de Blaauw:

    it’s not work

  11. SirRilic:

    anyone got cheats for other ones? other op cars?

  12. Gibus HD:

    i was only here for the cheat thats all tnxs man thumbs ups

  13. AKA rmadA:

    I’m using the xbox 360 and it dosent work ?

  14. Intenew:

    I do those cheats on my ps4 gta v

  15. WeKKY. TEcHY. Pd:


  16. waheguru singh:

    thanks for the cheat

  17. osa eweka:

    Omg it worksssss thx you so much

  18. Gary Atkin:

    I’m in a single game and it’s not working. and do’s it work in story mode

  19. Lilia Ojeda:

    Bro it works now I can escape from the cops

  20. Chroma Elements:

    Does not work on PS3

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