GTA 5 Secrets — All Helicopter Locations + Buzzard Cheat Code (Spawn Attack Helicopter)

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  1. Daniel Syre:

    The helicopters and some of the airplanes in this game were disappointing. 1. 2:50 Just what is so special about this vehicle that would have the cops come after you? If it’s bulletproof then maybe. 2. Really rockstar. Out of ALL the cool assault choppers in the whole world and you stick with the buzzard. No apache longbow or the Russian vulture? 3. And lets not forget about the Titan (Ac-130). Rockstar. Have you ever stop to think just how fun it would be to fly around in that and just blow people to bits? 4. Also rockstar. You should be able to let us lock are car doors.

  2. king imbus:

    I was at all these places and no choppers where there

  3. michael touse:

    buzzard phone number is 19992899633

  4. Carlos Rios:

    Anyone who is trying this on ps4, forget it all helicopters are gone

  5. Rick Sanchez:

    I went to all locations and dident find one single helicopter but the cheat works

  6. Chris W.:

    thats not all of em

  7. corey mink:

    I think ROCKSTAR should make a DLC adding the Apache AKA_ the Hunter

  8. travis mitchell:

    preciate I sholl needed a helicopter to get on da maze building to do da parachute thingie

  9. Anthony King:

    thanks for showing me just a ladder I’m at the station. no ladders on this building.

  10. Bradley Hoggard:

    dudes they don’t always spawn so shutup there the right location

  11. XxCLASH BROzxX:

    They is no helicopter

  12. ChumpyChicken2:

    Most annoying music ever

  13. Reon Lewis:

    Whats the song

  14. Smoove AsCiroc:

    Damn thanks man I have been trying to do the Stranger Mission for the guy at the top of the Maze Bank Building but couldn’t find a mfn Helicopter !

  15. Tavi Zamfir:

    I tried all locations and the choppers aren’t there . -_-

  16. Newcastle Boy:


  17. BliTZarD:

    that «secret helicopter» isn’t secret at all it’s on of the casual ones flying around

  18. Gregory Porter:

    The «secret helicopter» is not secret it is just a regular frogger

  19. Jill Lancaster:

    Don’t work at all

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