GTA 5 Online Million Dollar Mods/Cheat In Next Gen (GTA 5 Bounty Glitch?) GTA V PS4 Gameplay!

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  1. Ali Suliman:

    I love glitches it makes this game

  2. dannyboy1717:

    I gotta question for a q and a, why do most of your vids consist of complete and utter bullshit?

  3. Tapout PN:

    I got a modded bounty it gave me 9921034

  4. Sam Kent:

    This was never a issue. I really enjoyed being level 170 with every vehicle from pegasus and every car I could possibly want to own! Thank god for character transfer so I got to keep all my stuff! Money got taken though when they did that unfair cleanup session and reset everyone to like 500k even legit players

  5. Exo justin:


  6. Tony Smith:

    Just saying to all your fans if you get money from hackers or modders you can’t get banned for that just don’t put the money in your bank account that’s how you can get band

  7. Aidan Brown:

    Im giving out 10 mil for people on gta 5 for xbox one. reply your name and a number from 1-100, the person who guess my number or who is in 3 numbers of it wins the 10 mil

  8. ExsiSwift:

    I mod anyone on ps3 or ps4. kik me at dill13102.

  9. grzechowiak806:

    Does it still work if it dose can you add my my tag is grzechowiak806

  10. Boy Mayi:

    I know how to mod on the ps4 kik me if u want .. I’ll do it 4 free since it’s easy kik jpx426

  11. CrAzY GlItChEr:

    I’m giving money out for people on gta 5 for ps3 and ps4 reply ur PSN name and subscribe to get money

  12. Rozer ;0:

    I got this when I first spawned in online on next gen I think it carried over from last gen

  13. bob lacey:

    Q&A | when will you do face reveal?

  14. Asap Gamingxp:

    Why do you think of this as a problem??? This is better than half the stuff you post that dont work for the xbox one anyway. I think this is a gift especially since the holidays are coming.

    • xx LEGIT ARMY:

      Its not really a gift if you could get banned or your legit money taken away because of this

    • Asap Gamingxp:

      Well if you think so, just dont do it then. If you dont kill the person with the person with the bounty and tell rockstar that when they take money away, then there is no problem.

  15. TrinityJoker TM:

    It’s my birthday and no one greeted me 🙁 btw cool video

  16. Sicsac Warrior:

    I was in lobby on my PS4 n killed one person who have a bounty for $5,000 I killed him n got the money then he still have the bounty and a other person killed him got the money n that same person still have the bounty I don’t Noe if it was a mod person or a hack or maybe glitch but don’t be shocked if we start seeing million dollar bounty again

  17. RSH:

    Hopefully DNS lobbies are *NOT* back…

  18. iCrazyTeddy:


  19. xXaustynXx47 _:

    Hey who wants a modded gta v account if you do just reply to this comment and I’ll tell you how

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